SpaDES (version 1.3.1)

downloadModule: Download a module from a SpaDES module GitHub repository


Download a .zip file of the module and extract (unzip) it to a user-specified location.


downloadModule(name, path, version, repo, data, quiet)

# S4 method for character,character,character,character,logical,logical downloadModule(name, path, version, repo, data, quiet)

# S4 method for character,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing downloadModule(name)

# S4 method for character,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY downloadModule(name, path, version, repo, data, quiet)



Character string giving the module name.


Character string giving the location in which to save the downloaded module.


The module version to download. (If not specified, or NA, the most recent version will be retrieved.)


GitHub repository name. Default is "PredictiveEcology/SpaDES-modules", which is specified by the global option spades.moduleRepo.


Logical. If TRUE, then the data that is identified in the module metadata will be downloaded, if possible. Default if FALSE.


Logical. This is passed to download.file. Default is FALSE.


A list of length 2. The first elemet is a character vector containing a character vector of extracted files for the module. The second element is a tbl with details about the data that is relevant for the function, including whether it was downloaded or not, whether it was renamed (because there was a local copy that had the wrong file name).


Currently only works with a public GitHub repository, where modules are in a modules directory in the root tree on the master branch.

NOTE: the default is to overwrite any existing files in the case of a conflict.