SpatialEpi v1.1


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by Albert Kim

Performs various spatial epidemiological analyses

Cluster Detection, Disease Mapping

Functions in SpatialEpi

Name Description
estimate.lambda Internal Function to Estimate Lambda
LogNormalPriorCh Compute Parameters to Calibrate a Log-normal Distribution
circle Compute cartesian coordinates of a cluster center and radius
process.MCMC.chain Process MCMC Chain
pennLC Pennsylvania Lung Cancer
create.geo.objects Create geographical objects to be used in bayes.cluster function.
expected Compute Expected Numbers of Disease
ranking Get rankings of non-overlapping elements
SpatialEpi-package Methods for spatial epidemiology
latlong2grid Convert Coordinates from Latitude/Longitude to Grid
normalize Normalize a vector
estimate.q Estimate q values for prior prob of j clusters/anti-clusters
plotmap Plot Levels of a Variable in a Colour-Coded Map
MCMC MCMC Wrapper Function
eBayes Empirical Bayes Estimates of Relative Risk
grid2latlong Convert Coordinates from Grid to Latitude/Longitude
bayes.cluster Bayesian Cluster Detection
zones Create Set of All Zones and Output Geographical Information
besag.newell Besag-Newell Cluster Detection Method
polygon2spatial.polygon Convert a Polygon to a Spatial Polygons Object
mapvariable Plot Levels of a Variable in a Colour-Coded Map
NYleukemia Upstate New York Leukemia Data
scotland Lip Cancer in Scotland
GammaPriorCh Compute Parameters to Calibrate a Gamma Distribution
kulldorff Kulldorff Cluster Detection Method
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Type Package
Date 2012-01-16
License GPL-2
LazyLoad true
Packaged 2013-01-04 23:14:49 UTC; albertkim
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-01-05 08:58:47

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