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Tools for Assessment the Association Between Two Spatial Processes

Tools to assess the association between two spatial processes. Currently, several methodologies are implemented: A modified t-test to perform hypothesis testing about the independence between the processes, a suitable nonparametric correlation coefficient, the codispersion coefficient, and an F test for assessing the multiple correlation between one spatial process and several others. Functions for image processing and computing the spatial association between images are also provided.

Functions in SpatialPack

Name Description
imnoise Add noise to image
cor.spatial Tjostheim's Coefficient
CQ Codispersion based similarity index
denoise Remove noise from an image
RGB2gray Convert RGB image or colormap to grayscale image
codisp Codispersion Coefficient
modified.Ftest Modified F test
clipping Clipping image
SSIM Structural similarity index
murray The Murray smelter site dataset
twelve Ishihara plate number 1
normalize Normalization for a matrix
wheat Brodatz texture image, Straw (D15)
texmos2 USC texture mosaic number 2
radiata The Pinus Radiata dataset
modified.ttest Modified t test
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Type Package
Date 2020-09-21
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License GPL-3
NeedsCompilation yes
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Packaged 2020-09-21 20:26:03 UTC; felipe
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-09-22 10:50:11 UTC

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