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Spatio-Temporal Model Estimation

Utilities that estimate, predict and cross-validate the spatio-temporal model developed for MESA Air.

Functions in SpatioTemporal

Name Description Matrix Multiplication with Block Matrices
createCV Define Cross-Validation Groups
computeLTA Computes the Long Term Average for Each Sites.
evalCovFuns Compute Covariance Function
convertCharToDate Convert Character to Dates
parsCovFuns Parameter Names for Covariance Function(s)
expandF Expand F
namesCovFuns Available covariance functions
predictNaive Naive Temporal Predictions
predict.STmodel Computes Conditional Expectation at Unobserved Locations
print.summary.predCVSTmodel Print details for summary.predCVSTmodel object
calc.tFX Compute Matrix Product Bewteen Temporal Trends and a Matrix
calc.tFXF Compute Quadratic Form Bewteen Temporal Trends and Sigma nu
calcSmoothTrends Smooth Basis Functions for a STdata Object
updateTrend.STdata Update Trend in STdata or STmodel Object
processLUR Internal Function that do Covariate Selection
updateCovf Update Covariance Functions in STmodel Objects
summary.predCVSTmodel Computes summary details for predCVSTmodel object
dropObservations Drop Observations from a STmodel Example of estCVSTmodel and predCVSTmodel structures
SVDsmooth Smooth Basis Functions for Data Matrix with Missing Values
estimateBetaFields Regression Estimates of beta-Fields
estimateCV.STmodel Cross-Validated Estimation and Prediction
detrendSTdata Removes Temporal Trend from Observations in a STdata Object
createLUR Add Covariate Fields to STdata Object.
createSTdata Construct STdata Object
createDataMatrix Create a Data Matrix
norm2 Computes Inner Product and Squared 2-norm Data used in the examples
coef.estCVSTmodel Returns estimated parameters for each CV-group.
mesa.model Example of a STmodel structure
plot.predCVSTmodel Plots for predictSTmodel and predCVSTmodel Objects
coef.estimateSTmodel Returns estimated parameters (and uncertaintes)
print.SVDcv Print details for SVDcv object
pred.mesa.model Example of a predictSTmodel structure
createSTmodel Construct STmodel Object
defaultList Add Default Elements to Incomplete list
print.STdata Print details for STdata object
print.estCVSTmodel Print details for estCVSTmodel object
density.mcmcSTmodel Kernel Density Estimation for an mcmcSTmodel Object
crossDist Computed the Euclidian Distance Matrix
removeSTcovarMean Mean-Centre the Spatio-Temporal Covariate
genGradient Compute Finite Difference Gradient and Hessians.
make.sigma.B Deprecated functions, use replacements!
estimate.STmodel Estimation of the Spatio-Temporal Model
makeCholBlock Computations for Block Diagonal Matrices
est.mesa.model Examples of estimateSTmodel structure
scatterPlot Scatter plot
loglikeST Compute the Log-likelihood for the Spatio-Temporal Model
print.STmodel Print details for STmodel object
loglikeSTgetPars Extract Parameters from a Vector
loglikeSTGrad Compute Gradient and Hessian for the Log-likelihood
loglikeSTnames Create Names for Log-likelihood Parameters for STmodel objects
print.predCVSTmodel Print details for predCVSTmodel object
loglikeSTdim Dimensions of the STmodel Structure
makeSigmaNu Create Block Covariance Matrix (Unequal Block Sizes)
makeSigmaB Create Block Covariance Matrix (Equal Block Sizes)
stCheckFields Test if fields exist in an object.
print.predictSTmodel Print details for predictSTmodel object
print.estimateSTmodel Print details for estimateSTmodel object
plot.density.mcmcSTmodel Plots for an density.mcmcSTmodel object
stCheckObs Check an obs data.frame.
plot.mcmcSTmodel Plots for an mcmcSTmodel object
print.summary.estCVSTmodel Print details for summary.estCVSTmodel object
stCheckClass Test if an object belongs to given class(es).
print.summary.mcmcSTmodel Print details for summary.mcmcSTmodel object
summary.STdata Computes summary details for STdata object
summary.STmodel Computes summary details for STmodel object
plot.STdata Different Plots for STdata/STmodel object
stCheckCovars Check a data.frame of Covariates
plot.SVDcv Plot and Boxplot cross-validation statistics for SVDcv object
print.mcmcSTmodel Print details for mcmcSTmodel object
stCheckSTcovars Check an Array/List of Spatio-Temporal Covariates
sumLogDiag Sum the Logarithm of (Diagonal) Elements
print.summary.STdata Print details for summary.STdata object
print.summary.STmodel Print details for summary.STmodel object
scatterPlot.predCVSTmodel scatterPlot for STdata/STmodel/predCVSTmodel objects
simulate.STmodel Simulate Data from the Spatio-Temporal Model
summary.estCVSTmodel Computes summary details for estCVSTmodel object
summary.mcmcSTmodel Computes summary details for mcmcSTmodel object
blockMult Multiplication of Block Diagonal Matrix and Vector
boxplot.estCVSTmodel Boxplots for estCVSTmodel object
SpatioTemporal-package Spatio-Temporal Modelling
calc.FX Compute Matrix Product Bewteen Temporal Trends and a LUR components
MCMC.STmodel MCMC Inference of Parameters in the Spatio-Temporal Model
calc.FXtF2 Compute Quadratic Form Bewteen Temporal Trends and Sigma B
MCMC.mesa.model Example of a mcmcSTmodel structure
c.STmodel Combine Several STmodel/STdata Objects
SVDmiss Missing Data SVD
processLocation Internal Function that Extracts Locations
qqnorm.predCVSTmodel QQ-norm for STdata/STmodel/predCVSTmodel objects
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License GPL-2
Date 2018-06-20
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Collate 'block_matrices.R' 'c_cov_matrices.R' 'c_F_mult.R' 'c_lin_alg.R' 'CV_aux.R' 'CV_estimate.R' 'CV_predict.R' 'deprecated.R' 'internal.R' 'loglikeST.R' 'loglikeST_aux.R' 'loglikeST_derivatives.R' 'MCMC.R' 'SpatioTemporal-data.R' 'SpatioTemporal-package.R' 'STdata.R' 'STdata_processing.R' 'STmodel.R' 'STmodel_combine.R' 'STmodel_estimate.R' 'STmodel_predict.R' 'STmodel_processing.R' 'STmodel_setup.R' 'STmodel_simulate.R' 'temporal_SVD_incomplete_data.R' 'utils.R'
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-02-09 16:07:44 UTC; hornik
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-02-09 16:31:02 UTC

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