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Super Learner Prediction

Implements the super learner prediction method and contains a library of prediction algorithms to be used in the super learner.

Functions in SuperLearner

Name Description
SuperLearner.CV.control Control parameters for the cross validation steps in SuperLearner
CVFolds Generate list of row numbers for each fold in the cross-validation
predict.SL.ksvm Prediction for SL.ksvm
listWrappers list all wrapper functions in SuperLearner
plot.CV.SuperLearner Graphical display of the V-fold CV risk estimates
predict.SL.lda Prediction wrapper for SL.lda
SuperLearner Super Learner Prediction Function
create.Learner Factory for learner wrappers
SL.xgboost XGBoost SuperLearner wrapper
SL.speedglm Wrapper for speedglm
SampleSplitSuperLearner Super Learner Prediction Function
SL.qda SL wrapper for MASS:qda
SL.ranger SL wrapper for ranger
write.method.template Method to estimate the coefficients for the super learner
predict.SL.ranger Prediction wrapper for ranger random forests
create.SL.xgboost Factory for XGBoost SL wrappers
predict.SL.bartMachine bartMachine prediction
SL.lda SL wrapper for MASS:lda
SL.lm Wrapper for lm
predict.SL.glm Prediction for SL.glm
predict.SL.glmnet Prediction for an SL.glmnet object
predict.SL.extraTrees extraTrees prediction on new data
predict.SL.kernelKnn Prediction for SL.kernelKnn
predict.SuperLearner Predict method for SuperLearner object
write.screen.template screening algorithms for SuperLearner
SuperLearnerNews Show the NEWS file for the SuperLearner package
write.SL.template Wrapper functions for prediction algorithms in SuperLearner
predict.SL.qda Prediction wrapper for SL.qda
predict.SL.lm Prediction for SL.lm
trimLogit truncated-probabilities logit transformation
SuperLearner.control Control parameters for the SuperLearner
predict.SL.speedglm Prediction for SL.speedglm
recombineCVSL Recombine a CV.SuperLearner fit using a new metalearning method
SL.speedlm Wrapper for speedlm
predict.SL.biglasso Prediction wrapper for SL.biglasso
recombineSL Recombine a SuperLearner fit using a new metalearning method
predict.SL.speedlm Prediction for SL.speedlm
predict.SL.xgboost XGBoost prediction on new data
summary.CV.SuperLearner Summary Function for Cross-Validated Super Learner
SL.biglasso SL wrapper for biglasso
SL.glmnet Elastic net regression, including lasso and ridge
SL.extraTrees extraTrees SuperLearner wrapper
SL.glm Wrapper for glm
SL.bartMachine Wrapper for bartMachine learner
SL.cforest cforest party
CV.SuperLearner Function to get V-fold cross-validated risk estimate for super learner
SL.kernelKnn SL wrapper for KernelKNN
SL.ksvm Wrapper for Kernlab's SVM algorithm
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