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'TRFLP' Analysis and Matching Package for R

Matching terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism ('TRFLP') profiles between unknown samples and a database of known samples. TRAMPR facilitates analysis of many unknown profiles at once, and provides tools for working directly with electrophoresis output through to generating summaries suitable for community analyses with R's rich set of statistical functions. TRAMPR also resolves the issues of multiple 'TRFLP' profiles within a species, and shared 'TRFLP' profiles across species.

Functions in TRAMPR

Name Description
classify Value Matching for Data Frames
demo.knowns Demonstration Knowns Database
combine Combine Two Objects
create.diffsmatrix Calculate Matrix of Distances between Peaks
add.known Add Knowns To TRAMPknowns Databases
TRAMP TRFLP Analysis and Matching Program
remove.TRAMP.match Mark a TRAMP Match as Ignored
plot.TRAMPsamples Plot a TRAMPsamples Object
update.TRAMP Interactively Alter a TRAMP Object
TRAMPR-package The TRAMPR Package (TRFLP Analysis and Matching Package for R)
read.write Read/Write TRAMPknowns and TRAMPsamples Objects
rebuild.TRAMP Rebuild a TRAMP Object
summary.TRAMP Create Presence/Absence Matrices from TRAMP Objects
plot.TRAMPknowns Summary Plot of Knowns Data
load.abi Load ABI Output Files
TRAMPsamples TRAMPsamples Objects
TRAMPindexing Index (Subset) TRAMPsamples and TRAMPknowns Objects
TRAMPknowns TRAMPknowns Objects
absolute.min Absolute Minimum
demo.samples Demonstration Samples Database
combine.TRAMPsamples Combine TRAMPsamples Objects
group.knowns Knowns Clustering
build.knowns Automatically Build Knowns Database
read.abi Read ABI Output Files
plot.TRAMP Plot a TRAMP Object
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Date 2016-05-20
License GPL-2
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-06-09 08:43:36 UTC; rich
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-06-09 13:17:58
depends R (>= 2.4)
Contributors Rich FitzJohn, Ian Dickie

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