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Demonstrations for Teaching and Learning

Demonstration functions that can be used in a classroom to demonstrate statistical concepts, or on your own to better understand the concepts or the programming.

Functions in TeachingDemos

Name Description
TkSpline Plot a set of data in a Tk window and interactively move a line to see predicted y-values from a spline fit corresponding to selected x-values.
towork Sample data downloaded and converted from a GPS unit
bct Box-Cox Transforms
chisq.detail Print details of a chi-squared test
dice Simulate rolling dice
digits Return the digits that make up an integer
char2seed Convert a character string into a random seed
cal Plot a month or year calendar
USCrimes US Crime Statistics
clt.examp Plot Examples of the Central Limit Theorem
cnvrt.coords Convert between the 5 different coordinate sytems on a graphical device
dots Create a quick dotchart (histogram)
evap Data on soil evaporation.
ci.examp Plot examples of Confidence Intervals
dynIdentify Interacively place labels for points in a plot
mle.demo Demonstrate the basic concept of Maximum Likelihood Estimation
cor.rect.plot Plot a visualization of the correlation using colored rectangles
clipplot Clip plotting to a rectangular region
%<% Less than or Less than and equal operators that can be chained together.
ms.polygram Symbol functions/data to be passed as symb argument to my.symbols
power.examp Graphically illustrate the concept of power.
col2grey Convert colors to grey/grayscale
lattice.demo Interactively explore the conditioned panels in lattice plots.
faces Chernoff Faces
coin.faces Designs for coin faces for use with plot.rgl.coin
faces2 Chernoff Faces
outliers Outliers data
loess.demo Demonstrate the internals of loess curve fits
ldsgrowth Growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
SnowsCorrectlySizedButOtherwiseUselessTestOfAnything Snow's Correctly Sized But Otherwise Useless Test of Anything
pairs2 Create part of a scatterplot matrix
plot2script Create a script from the current plot
steps Steps data
roc.demo Demonstrate ROC curves by interactively building one
stork Neyman's Stork data
put.points.demo Demonstrate Correlation and Regression by placing and moving data points
rotate.cloud Interactively rotate 3D plots
run.cor.examp Interactively demonstrate correlations
run.hist.demo Create a histogram and interactively change the number of bars.
fagan.plot Create a Fagan plot to demonstrate Bayes Theorem and screening tests
petals Play the Petals Around the Rose game
hpd Compute Highest Posterior Density Intervals
rgl.Map Plot a map in an rgl window
slider slider / button control widgets
rgl.coin Animated die roll or coin flip
subplot Embed a new plot within an existing plot
triplot Create or add to a Trilinear Plot
tkBrush Change the Color and Styles of points interactively
gp.open Alpha version functions to send plotting commands to GnuPlot
shadowtext Add text to a plot with a contrasting background.
sliderv Create a Tk slider window
panel.my.symbols Draw Symbols (User Defined) on a Lattice Plot
spread.labs Spread out close points for labeling in plots
my.symbols Draw Symbols (User Defined) on a Plot
SnowsPenultimateNormalityTest Test the uninteresting question of whether the data represents an exact normal distribution.
updateusr Updates the 'usr' coordinates in the current plot.
vis.test Do a Visual test of a null hypothesis by choosing the graph that does not belong.
z.test Z test for known population standard deviation
simfun Create a function to simulate data
sigma.test One sample Chi-square test for a population variance
squishplot Squish the plotting area to a specified aspect ratio
vis.boxcox Interactively visualize Box-Cox transformations
tree.demo Interactively demonstrate regression trees
vis.binom Plot various distributions then interactivly adjust the parameters.
tkexamp Create Tk dialog boxes with controls to show examples of changing parameters on a graph.
zoomplot Zoom or unzoom an existing plot in the plot window
TkPredict Plot predicted values from a model against one of the predictors for a given value of the othe predictors
TeachingDemos-package Various functions for demonstration and learning.
HWidentify Show label for point being Hovered over.
txtStart Save a transcript of commands and/or output to a text file.
TkListView Interactivly view structures of list and list like objects.
Pvalue.norm.sim Simulate P-values
TkApprox Plot a set of data in a Tk window and interactively move lines to see predicted y-values corresponding to selected x-values.
SensSpec.demo Demonstrate Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, and NPV
TkBuildDist Interactively create a probability distribution.
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