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TraMineR Extension

Collection of ancillary functions and utilities to be used in conjunction with the 'TraMineR' package for sequence data exploration. Most of the functions are in test phase, lack systematic consistency check of the arguments and are subject to changes. Once fully checked, some of the functions of this collection could be included in a next release of 'TraMineR'.

Functions in TraMineRextras

Name Description
seqe2stm Definition of an events to states matrix.
plot.stslist.surv Plot method for objects produced by the seqsurv function
seqerulesdisc Extract association rules using discrete time regression models
seqemlt Euclidean Coordinates for Longitudinal Timelines
rowmode Modal state of a variable
seqplot.tentrop Plotting superposed transversal-entropy curves
HSPELL_to_STS Data conversion from Horizontal Spell to STS.
seqgen.missing Generate random missing states within a state sequence object
seqedplot Graphical representation of a set of events sequences.
seqimplic Position wise group-typical states
seqCompare BIC and Likelihood ratio test for comparing two sequence data
seqgranularity Changing sequence time granularity by aggregating positions
seqentrans Event sequence length and number of events
seqrep.grp Finding representative sets by group and their quality statistics.
sortv Sort sequences by states at the successive positions
seqsurv Generate a survfit object for state survival times.
seqedist Distances between event sequences
seqauto Auto-association between states
seqsplot Plot survival curves of the states in sequences
seqplot.rf Relative Frequency Sequence Plots.
seqtabstocc Frequencies of state co-occurrence patterns
seqstart Aligning sequence data on a new start time.
toPersonPeriod Converting into person-period format.
plot.emlt Emlt Plots
TraMineRextras-package TraMineR Extension
createdatadiscrete Transform time to event data into a discrete data format
dissvar.grp Discrepancy by group.
FCE_to_TSE Data conversion from Fixed Column Event format to TSE.
convert Converting between graphical formats
pamward PAM from k-solution of hierarchical clustering
group.p Adds proportion of occurrences to each level names
TSE_to_STS Converting TSE data into STS (state sequences) format.
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Date 2020-04-24
License GPL (>= 2)
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-04-24 08:10:39 UTC; adm
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-04-25 00:30:02 UTC

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