TypeInfo v1.38.0

by Duncan Lang

Optional Type Specification Prototype

A prototype for a mechanism for specifying the types of parameters and the return value for an R function. This is meta-information that can be used to generate stubs for servers and various interfaces to these functions. Additionally, the arguments in a call to a typed function can be validated using the type specifications. We allow types to be specified as either i) by class name using either inheritance - is(x, className), or strict instance of - class(x) %in% className, or ii) a dynamic test given as an R expression which is evaluated at run-time. More precise information and interesting tests can be done via ii), but it is harder to use this information as meta-data as it requires more effort to interpret it and it is of course run-time information. It is typically more meaningful.

Functions in TypeInfo

Name Description
TypeSpecification-class Class "TypeSpecification" and derived class
typeInfo Get or set type information for a function.
DynamicTypeTest-class Class "DynamicTypeTest" for computed tests on objects.
IndependentTypeSpecification Create separate type information for different parameters.
NamedTypeTest-class Class "NamedTypeTest" and sub-classes for tests on class of an object.
TypedSignature Constructor for a TypedSignature object
rewriteTypeCheck Insert code to support type validation
ReturnTypeSpecification Constructor for specifying information about only the return type
checkReturnValue Verify the return value from the function has the appropriate type
ClassNameOrExpression-class Class "ClassNameOrExpression" to represent type information as either class names or arbitrary language test
TypedSignature-class Class "TypedSignature" representing type information about function parameters and the return type
showTypeInfo Display information about argument types
paramNames Compute the names of all the specified parameters in a TypeSpecification object
hasParameterType Functions to query existence of specific type information
SimultaneousTypeSpecification Create type signature information governing parameters in a call.
checkArgs Validate the arguments in a call to a typed function.
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Date 9/27/2005
License BSD
LazyLoad true
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