VGAM (version 1.1-9)

Betageom: The Beta-Geometric Distribution


Density, distribution function, and random generation for the beta-geometric distribution.


dbetageom(x, shape1, shape2, log = FALSE)
pbetageom(q, shape1, shape2, log.p = FALSE)
rbetageom(n, shape1, shape2)


dbetageom gives the density,

pbetageom gives the distribution function, and

rbetageom generates random deviates.


x, q

vector of quantiles.


number of observations. Same as runif.

shape1, shape2

the two (positive) shape parameters of the standard beta distribution. They are called a and b in beta respectively.

log, log.p

Logical. If TRUE then all probabilities p are given as log(p).


T. W. Yee


The beta-geometric distribution is a geometric distribution whose probability of success is not a constant but it is generated from a beta distribution with parameters shape1 and shape2. Note that the mean of this beta distribution is shape1/(shape1+shape2), which therefore is the mean of the probability of success.

See Also

geometric, betaff, Beta.


Run this code
if (FALSE) {
shape1 <- 1; shape2 <- 2; y <- 0:30
proby <- dbetageom(y, shape1, shape2, log = FALSE)
plot(y, proby, type = "h", col = "blue", ylab = "P[Y=y]", main = paste0(
     "Y ~ Beta-geometric(shape1=", shape1,", shape2=", shape2, ")"))

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