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A Collection of Robust Statistical Methods

A collection of robust statistical methods based on Wilcox' WRS functions. It implements robust t-tests (independent and dependent samples), robust ANOVA (including between-within subject designs), quantile ANOVA, robust correlation, robust mediation, and nonparametric ANCOVA models based on robust location measures.

Functions in WRS2

Name Description
diet Diet and Weight Loss
eurosoccer European Soccer Leagues
med1way Heteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for medians.
t1waybt Bootstrap version of the heteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for trimmed means.
med2way A two-way ANOVA for medians.
t1way A heteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for trimmed means.
rmanova A heteroscedastic one-way repeated measures ANOVA for trimmed means.
viagra Effects of Viagra
Qanova Quantile ANOVA
yuen Independent samples t-tests on robust location measures including effect sizes.
movie Movies and Aggressive Affect
onesampb One-sample percentile bootstrap
pbcor Robust correlation coefficients.
t3way A three-way ANOVA for trimmed means.
t2way A two-way ANOVA for trimmed means, M-estimators, and medians.
hangover Hangover Symptoms
picture Profile Pictures
binband Comparison of discrete distributions
electric The Electric Company
essays Academic Writing Data
spider Arachnophobes
goggles Beer Goggles Effect
swimming Optimistic and Pessimistic Swimmers
rmanovab A heteroscedastic one-way repeated measures bootstrap ANOVA for trimmed means.
trimse Robust location measures and their standard errors (se).
invisibility Cloaks of Invisibility
runmean Running Interval Smoother
twocor Confidence intervals for two-sided tests on correlation coefficients.
yuend Paired samples robust t-tests.
chile Chile Heat and Length
ZYmediate Robust mediation test
WineTasting Wine Tasting
Leerkes Maternal Self-Efficacy
Pygmalion Pygmalion Data
bush Bushtucker Foods
ancova Robust ANCOVA
bwtrim A robust two-way mixed ANOVA using trimmed means.
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