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Excel Connector for R

Provides comprehensive functionality to read, write and format Excel data.


XLConnect: Excel Connector for R

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XLConnect is a comprehensive and cross-platform R package for manipulating Microsoft Excel files from within R. XLConnect differs from other related R packages in that it is completely cross-platform and as such runs under Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac (32- and 64-bit). Moreover, it does not require any installation of Microsoft Excel or any other special drivers to be able to read & write Excel files. The only requirement is a recent version of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The package can easily be installed from CRAN via install.packages("XLConnect"). In order to get started have a look at the XLConnect and XLConnect for the Impatient package vignettes, the numerous demos available via demo(package = "XLConnect") or browse through the comprehensive reference manual.

Alternatively, you may install XLConnect directly from our github repository using the excellent devtools package:


# Installs the master branch of XLConnect (= current development version)

# Installs XLConnect 0.2-14
install_github("miraisolutions/xlconnect", ref = "0.2-14")

For more examples see also our wordpress site.

Please send any enhancement requests or bug reports with a simple and self-contained reproducible example to xlconnect@mirai-solutions.com or log a corresponding issue on our github repository. For other questions you may also use Stackoverflow.

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Functions in XLConnect

Name Description
clearNamedRegion-methods Clearing named regions in a workbook
XLConnect-deprecated Deprecated functions in package XLConnect
clearRangeFromReference-methods Clearing cell ranges in a workbook
$-methods Executing workbook methods in object$method(...) form
hideSheet-methods Hiding worksheets in a workbook
existsCellStyle-methods Retrieving named cell styles
idx2aref Converting row and column based area references to Excel area references
clearSheet-methods Clearing worksheets in a workbook
createName-methods Creating names in a workbook
getCellStyle-methods Retrieving named cell styles
getCellStyleForType-methods Querying the cell style per data type for the DATATYPE style action
createSheet-methods Creating worksheets in a workbook
isSheetVisible-methods Checking if worksheets are visible in a workbook
createCellStyle-methods Creating custom named and anonymous cell styles
cref2idx Converting Excel cell references to indices
cloneSheet-methods Cloning/copying worksheets
createFreezePane-methods Creating a freeze pane on a worksheet
extractSheetName Extracting the sheet name from a formula
getOrCreateCellStyle-methods Retrieving or creating named cell styles
getActiveSheetName-methods Querying the active worksheet name
createSplitPane-methods Creating a split pane on a worksheet
readWorksheetFromFile Reading data from worksheets in an Excel file (wrapper function)
existsName-methods Checking existence of names in a workbook
jTryCatch Standard Java exception handling for XLConnect
getReferenceCoordinates-methods Querying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel name
col2idx Converting Excel column names to indices
getCellFormula-methods Retrieving formula definitions from cells
getActiveSheetIndex-methods Querying the active worksheet index
removeName-methods Removing names from workbooks
getTables-methods Querying available Excel tables in a workbook
setActiveSheet-methods Setting the active worksheet in a workbook
getSheets-methods Querying available worksheets in a workbook
getLastColumn-methods Querying the last (non-empty) column on a worksheet
existsSheet-methods Checking for existence of worksheets in a workbook
getReferenceFormula-methods Querying reference formulas of Excel names
getLastRow-methods Querying the last (non-empty) row on a worksheet
setAutoFilter-methods Setting auto-filters on worksheets
getReferenceCoordinatesForName-methods Querying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel name
clearRange-methods Clearing cell ranges in a workbook
getDefinedNames-methods Retrieving defined names in a workbook
extraction-methods Workbook data extraction & replacement operators
getBoundingBox-methods Querying the coordinates of a worksheet bounding box
getForceFormulaRecalculation-methods Querying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel name
idx2cref Converting indices to Excel cell references
getSheetPos-methods Querying worksheet position
setSheetColor-methods Setting colors on worksheet tabs
loadWorkbook Loading Microsoft Excel workbooks
getReferenceCoordinatesForTable-methods Querying the coordinates of the range of an Excel table
setSheetPos-methods Setting worksheet position
with.workbook Evaluate an R expression in a workbook environment
mergeCells-methods Merging cells
idx2col Converting column indices to Excel column names
mirai Mirai Solutions GmbH
workbook-class Class "workbook"
isSheetHidden-methods Checking if worksheets are hidden in a workbook
normalizeDataframe Data frame Normalization for Unit Tests
print-methods Print a workbook's filename
readWorksheet-methods Reading data from worksheets
writeWorksheetToFile Writing data to worksheets in an Excel file (wrapper function)
readTable Reading Excel tables from a workbook
setDataFormat-methods Specifying custom data formats for cell styles
onErrorCell-methods Behavior when error cells are detected
setCellStyle-methods Setting cell styles
readNamedRegionFromFile Reading named regions from an Excel file (wrapper function)
setColumnWidth-methods Setting the width of a column in a worksheet
setStyleAction-methods Controlling application of cell styles when writing data to Excel
setCellStyleForType-methods Setting the cell style per data type for the DATATYPE style action
setDataFormatForType-methods Setting the data format for the DATA_FORMAT_ONLY style action
isSheetVeryHidden-methods Checking if worksheets are very hidden in a workbook
renameSheet-methods Renaming worksheets from workbooks
readNamedRegion Reading named regions from a workbook
setMissingValue-methods Setting missing value identifiers
setBorder-methods Specifying borders for cell styles
setCellFormula-methods Setting cell formulas
setWrapText-methods Specifying text wrapping behaviour
xlcCall Automatic argument vectorization, default Java exception and warnings handling for XLConnect
saveWorkbook-methods Saving Microsoft Excel workbooks
setForceFormulaRecalculation-methods Forcing Excel to recalculate formula values when opening a workbook
setStyleNamePrefix-methods Setting the style name prefix for the "name prefix" style action
removePane-methods Removing panes from worksheet
removeSheet-methods Removing worksheets from workbooks
summary-methods Summarizing workbook objects
xlcFreeMemory Freeing Java Virtual Machine memory
setFillBackgroundColor-methods Specifying the fill background color for cell styles
show-methods Display a workbook object
xlcMemoryReport Reporting free Java Virtual Machine memory
swissfranc Historical Exchange Rates: CHF vs EUR, USD and GBP
writeNamedRegionToFile Writing named regions to an Excel file (wrapper function)
setFillPattern-methods Specifying the fill pattern for cell styles
setHyperlink-methods Setting hyperlinks
setFillForegroundColor-methods Specifying the fill foreground color for cell styles
setRowHeight-methods Setting the height of a row in a worksheet
unhideSheet-methods Unhiding worksheets in a workbook
unmergeCells-methods Unmerging cells
wrapList Wrapping of arguments in a list
xlcDump Dumping data sets to Excel files
writeWorksheet-methods Writing data to worksheets
xlcEdit Editing data sets in an Excel file editor
writeNamedRegion-methods Writing named regions to a workbook
xlcRestore Restoring objects from Excel files
aref Constructing Excel area references
appendWorksheet-methods Appending data to worksheets
addImage-methods Adding images to a worksheet
appendNamedRegion-methods Appending data to a named region
aref2idx Converting Excel cell references to row and column based cell references
cellstyle-class Class "cellstyle"
XLConnect-package Excel Connector for R
XLConnectSettings Performing general settings for XLConnect
XLC XLConnect Constants
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Type Package
URL http://www.mirai-solutions.com https://github.com/miraisolutions/xlconnect
BugReports https://github.com/miraisolutions/xlconnect/issues
SystemRequirements Java (>= 8, <= 11)
License GPL-3
Copyright See file COPYRIGHTS
LazyData yes
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-03-23 09:30:40 UTC; root
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-03-23 11:10:09 UTC

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