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Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus

Many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP. Also offers access to an 'XPath' "interpreter".

Functions in XML

Name Description
[<-.XMLNode Assign sub-nodes to an XML node
XMLInternalDocument-class Class to represent reference to C-level data structure for an XML document
SAXState-class A virtual base class defining methods for SAX parsing
compareXMLDocs Indicate differences between two XML documents
append.xmlNode Add children to an XML node
docName Accessors for name of XML document
asXMLNode Converts non-XML node objects to XMLTextNode objects
XMLAttributes-class Class "XMLAttributes"
addNode Add a node to a tree
free Release the specified object and clean up its memory usage
genericSAXHandlers SAX generic callback handler list
libxmlVersion Query the version and available features of the libxml library.
makeClassTemplate Create S4 class definition based on XML node(s)
isXMLString Facilities for working with XML strings
dtdIsAttribute Query if a name is a valid attribute of a DTD element.
getSibling Manipulate sibling XML nodes
toString.XMLNode Creates string representation of XML node
ensureNamespace Ensure that the node has a definition for particular XML namespaces
length.XMLNode Determine the number of children in an XMLNode object.
newXMLNamespace Add a namespace definition to an XML node
findXInclude Find the XInclude node associated with an XML node
dtdValidElement Determines whether an XML tag is valid within another.
getRelativeURL Compute name of URL relative to a base URL
parseDTD Read a Document Type Definition (DTD)
parseURI Parse a URI string into its elements
getNodeSet Find matching nodes in an internal XML tree/DOM
parseXMLAndAdd Parse XML content and add it to a node
getHTMLLinks Get links or names of external files in HTML document
getLineNumber Determine the location - file \& line number of an (internal) XML node
XMLNode-class Classes to describe an XML node object.
schema-class Classes for working with XML Schema
supportsExpat Determines which native XML parsers are being used.
setXMLNamespace Set the name space on a node
toHTML Create an HTML representation of the given R object, using internal C-level nodes
addChildren Add child nodes to an XML node
names.XMLNode Get the names of an XML nodes children.
xmlAttributeType The type of an XML attribute for element from the DTD
newXMLDoc Create internal XML node or document object
xmlGetAttr Get the value of an attribute in an XML node
xmlDOMApply Apply function to nodes in an XML tree/DOM.
xmlApply Applies a function to each of the children of an XMLNode
xmlClone Create a copy of an internal XML document or node
xmlHandler Example XML Event Parser Handler Functions
xmlElementSummary Frequency table of names of elements and attributes in XML content
xmlName Extraces the tag name of an XMLNode object.
xmlNamespace Retrieve the namespace value of an XML node.
xmlSize The number of sub-elements within an XML node.
catalogLoad Manipulate XML catalog contents
xmlContainsEntity Checks if an entity is defined within a DTD.
xmlSource Source the R code, examples, etc. from an XML document
xmlToList Convert an XML node/document to a more R-like list
xmlToS4 General mechanism for mapping an XML node to an S4 object
coerceNodes Transform between XML representations
xmlRoot Get the top-level XML node.
xmlAttrs Get the list of attributes of an XML node.
xmlNamespaceDefinitions Get definitions of any namespaces defined in this XML node
xmlNode Create an XML node
Doctype Constructor for DTD reference
getChildrenStrings Get the individual
xmlSchemaValidate Validate an XML document relative to an XML schema
xmlEventParse XML Event/Callback element-wise Parser
xmlFlatListTree Constructors for trees stored as flat list of nodes with information about parents and children.
xmlValue Extract or set the contents of a leaf XML node
xmlStopParser Terminate an XML parser
startElement.SAX Generic Methods for SAX callbacks
xmlStructuredStop Condition/error handler functions for XML parsing
getEncoding Determines the encoding for an XML document or node
[.XMLNode Convenience accessors for the children of XMLNode objects.
readHTMLList Read data in an HTML list or all lists in a document
xmlToDataFrame Extract data from a simple XML document
asXMLTreeNode Convert a regular XML node to one for use in a "flat" tree
readHTMLTable Read data from one or more HTML tables
readKeyValueDB Read an XML property-list style document
readSolrDoc Read the data from a Solr document
xmlElementsByTagName Retrieve the children of an XML node with a specific tag name
catalogResolve Look up an element via the XML catalog mechanism
xmlEventHandler Default handlers for the SAX-style event XML parser
dtdElement Gets the definition of an element or entity from a DTD.
dtdElementValidEntry Determines whether an XML element allows a particular type of sub-element.
getXIncludes Find the documents that are XInclude'd in an XML document
xmlSearchNs Find a namespace definition object by searching ancestor nodes
xmlSerializeHook Functions that help serialize and deserialize XML internal objects
getXMLErrors Get XML/HTML document parse errors
print.XMLAttributeDef Methods for displaying XML objects
processXInclude Perform the XInclude substitutions
removeXMLNamespaces Remove namespace definitions from a XML node or document
saveXML Output internal XML Tree
xmlChildren Gets the sub-nodes within an XMLNode object.
xmlCleanNamespaces Remove redundant namespaces on an XML document
xmlOutputBuffer XML output streams
xmlParent Get parent node of XMLInternalNode or ancestor nodes
xmlParseDoc Parse an XML document with options controlling the parser.
xmlParserContextFunction Identifies function as expecting an xmlParserContext argument
xmlTree An internal, updatable DOM object for building XML trees
xmlTreeParse XML Parser
XMLCodeFile-class Simple classes for identifying an XML document containing R code
Doctype-class Class to describe a reference to an XML DTD
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SystemRequirements libxml2 (>= 2.6.3)
URL http://www.omegahat.net/RSXML
License BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE
Collate AAA.R DTD.R DTDClasses.R DTDRef.R SAXMethods.S XMLClasses.R applyDOM.R assignChild.R catalog.R createNode.R dynSupports.R error.R flatTree.R nodeAccessors.R parseDTD.R schema.S summary.R tangle.R toString.S tree.R version.R xmlErrorEnums.R xmlEventHandler.R xmlEventParse.R xmlHandler.R xmlInternalSource.R xmlOutputDOM.R xmlNodes.R xmlOutputBuffer.R xmlTree.R xmlTreeParse.R htmlParse.R hashTree.R zzz.R supports.R parser.R libxmlFeatures.R xmlString.R saveXML.R namespaces.R readHTMLTable.R reflection.R xmlToDataFrame.R bitList.R compare.R encoding.R fixNS.R xmlRoot.R serialize.R xmlMemoryMgmt.R keyValueDB.R solrDocs.R XMLRErrorInfo.R xincludes.R namespaceHandlers.R tangle1.R htmlLinks.R htmlLists.R getDependencies.R getRelativeURL.R xmlIncludes.R simplifyPath.R
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-08-10 15:07:58 UTC; ripley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-10 15:32:08 UTC

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