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Data exploration tools from Yale University.

This collection of data exploration tools was developed at Yale University for the graphical exploration of complex multivariate data; barcode and gpairs now have their own packages. The new big.read.table() provided here may be useful for large files when only a subset is needed.



Data exploration tools from Yale University. Current package build status via use of Travis CI: Build Status

> require(devtools)
> install_github('YaleToolkit', 'jayemerson')
> library(YaleToolkit)
> data(CO2)
> whatis(CO2)
# Output omitted here...


The YaleToolkit package is licensed under LGPL-3.

Functions in YaleToolkit

Name Description
sparkmat Draws a sparkmat
YaleEnergy Monthly energy consumption of Yale residential colleges.
nasa Pressure and High Cloud Cover Spatially Distributed Time Series
getnrows Get the number of rows of the file
big.read.table Read in chunks from a large file with row/column filtering to obtain a reasonable-sized data.frame.
YaleToolkit Data exploration tools from the Department of Statistics at Yale University
sparkline Draws a sparkline
sparklines Draws a panel of vertically stacked sparklines
whatis Data frame summary
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Date 2014-12-31
License LGPL-3
Copyright (C) 2014 John W. Emerson and Walton Green
Packaged 2014-12-31 13:56:01 UTC; jay
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-12-31 16:09:59

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