Verbose, parallel, and safe map-like

Using the same argument notation as purrr::map(), this function iterates over a list of inputs .x, applying .f to each element. It returns a tibble with the id, whether the function returned an error and the output.

pvec(.x, .f, ..., .cores = get_cores(), .progress = TRUE,
  .flatten = FALSE, .options = future_options())

A list or atomic vector


A function, formula, or atomic vector (see purrr::map())


Other parameters passed on to .f


Number of cores to use when multiprocessing


Whether or not to display progress


If TRUE, the errors are filtered from the output, and the returned object is flattened (a vector, a list, or a tibble)


Options passed on to furrr::future_map() (furrr::future_options() by default)


A tibble with 3 columns: input, return, and output

See Also

purrr::map(), furrr::future_map(), furrr::future_options()

  • pvec
Documentation reproduced from package abjutils, version 0.2.3, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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