adSplit v1.38.0

by Claudio Lottaz

Annotation-Driven Clustering

This package implements clustering of microarray gene expression profiles according to functional annotations. For each term genes are annotated to, splits into two subclasses are computed and a significance of the supporting gene set is determined.

Functions in adSplit

Name Description
golubKEGGSplits Examplar splitSet
hist.splitSet Overview Histogram for splitSets
adSplit Annotation-Driven Splits
adSplit-internal adSplit Internal Function
diana2means 2-Means with Hierarchical Initialization
drawRandomPS Draw sets of probe-sets
print.split Print Information on Single Splits
print.splitSet Print Summaries for splitSets
randomDiana2means Generate null-distributions of DLD-scores
makeEID2PROBESenv Generate EID2PROBES environment
image.splitSet Illustrate Split Sets
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