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Various Methods for Measuring Agreement

Bland-Altman plot and scatter plot with identity line for visualization and point and interval estimates for different metrics related to reproducibility/repeatability/agreement including the concordance correlation coefficient, intraclass correlation coefficient, within-subject coefficient of variation, smallest detectable difference, and mean normalized smallest detectable difference.

Functions in agRee

Name Description
agree.ccc Concordance Correlation Coefficient
agree.icc1 Intraclass correlation coefficient for one-way random anova model
agree.sdd Smallest Detectable Difference
agree.plot Visualize the Agreement of Ratings among Different Raters
agree.sddm Mean Normalized Smallest Detectable Difference
agree.wscv Within-subject Coefficient of Variation
judgeRatings Ratings of Different Judges
lesionBurden Total Lesion Burden
petVT PET Total Volume of Distribution
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Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-07-08 17:00:03 UTC

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