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Tutorial Analysis of Some Agricultural Experiments

Example software for the analysis of data from designed experiments, especially agricultural crop experiments. The basics of the analysis of designed experiments are discussed using real examples from agricultural field trials. A range of statistical methods using a range of R statistical packages are exemplified . The experimental data is made available as separate data sets for each example and the R analysis code is made available as example code. The example code can be readily extended, as required.

Functions in agriTutorial

Name Description
example2 Example 2: Lack-of-fit and marginality for a single quantitative treatment factor
example5 Example 5: Transformation of treatment levels to improve model fit
example4 Example 4: One qualitative treatment factor with repeated measurements over time.
example3 Example 3: Polynomial regression model with two quantitative level treatment factors
sorghum Sorghum data for Example 4
greenrice Rice data for Example 3
rice Rice data for Example 1
beet Beet data for Example 2
example1 Example 1: Split-plot design with one qualitative and one quantitative level factor
agriTutorial Tutorial Analysis of Agricultural Experiments
turnip Turnip data for Example 5
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