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Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research

Original idea was presented in the thesis "A statistical analysis tool for agricultural research" to obtain the degree of Master on science, National Engineering University (UNI), Lima-Peru. Some experimental data for the examples come from the CIP and others research. Agricolae offers extensive functionality on experimental design especially for agricultural and plant breeding experiments, which can also be useful for other purposes. It supports planning of lattice, Alpha, Cyclic, Complete Block, Latin Square, Graeco-Latin Squares, augmented block, factorial, split and strip plot designs. There are also various analysis facilities for experimental data, e.g. treatment comparison procedures and several non-parametric tests comparison, biodiversity indexes and consensus cluster.

Functions in agricolae

Name Description
BIB.test Finding the Variance Analysis of the Balanced Incomplete Block Design
CIC Data for late blight of potatoes
Glycoalkaloids Data Glycoalkaloids
HSD.test Multiple comparisons: Tukey
Chz2006 Data amendment Carhuaz 2006
ComasOxapampa Data AUDPC Comas - Oxapampa
REGW.test Ryan, Einot and Gabriel and Welsch multiple range test
RioChillon Data and analysis Mother and baby trials
clay Data of Ralstonia population in clay soil
consensus consensus of clusters
SNK.test Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK)
waerden.test Multiple comparisons. The van der Waerden (Normal Scores)
audps The Area Under the Disease Progress Stairs
bar.err Plotting the standard error or standard deviance of a multiple comparison of means
design.dau Augmented block design
design.graeco Graeco - latin square design
duncan.test Duncan's new multiple range test
durbin.test Durbin test and multiple comparison of treatments
Hco2006 Data amendment Huanuco 2006
LSD.test Multiple comparisons, "Least significant difference" and Adjust P-values
correlation Correlation analysis. Methods of Pearson, Spearman, Kendall and Lin
cotton Data of cotton
design.crd Completely Randomized Design
design.cyclic Cyclic designs
design.strip Strip Plot Design
design.youden Incomplete Latin Square Design
friedman Friedman test and multiple comparison of treatments
frijol Data of frijol
kruskal Kruskal Wallis test and multiple comparison of treatments.
kurtosis Finding the Kurtosis coefficient
DAU.test Finding the Variance Analysis of the Augmented block Design
DC Data for the analysis of carolina genetic design
LxT Data Line by tester
PBIB.test Analysis of the Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Design
corn Data of corn
correl Correlation Coefficient
cv.model Coefficient of the experiment variation
Median.test Median test. Multiple comparisons
melon Data of yield of melon in a Latin square experiment
paracsho Data of Paracsho biodiversity
path.analysis Path Analysis
cv.similarity Coefficient of the similarity matrix variation
design.rcbd Randomized Complete Block Design
design.split Split Plot Design
growth Data growth of trees
hcut Cut tree of consensus
heterosis Data of potato, Heterosis Biodiversity Index
design.alpha Alpha design type (0,1)
design.bib Randomized Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. BIB
diffograph Plotting the multiple comparison of means
disease Data evaluation of the disease overtime
grass Data for Friedman test
haynes Data of AUDPC for nonparametrical stability analysis
index.AMMI AMMI index and yield stability
intervals.freq Class intervals
nonadditivity Nonadditivity model test
normal.freq Normal curve on the histogram
AMMI AMMI Analysis
AMMI.contour AMMI contour
agricolae-package Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
audpc Calculating the absolute or relative value of the AUDPC
orderPvalue Grouping the treatments averages in a comparison with a minimum value
pamCIP Data Potato Wild
resampling.model Resampling for linear models
scheffe.test Multiple comparisons, scheffe
similarity Matrix of similarity in binary data
stat.freq Descriptive measures of grouped data
strip.plot Strip-Plot analysis Plotting the multiple comparison of means
carolina North Carolina Designs I, II and III Omitting the rows or columns with missing observations of a matrix (NA)
design.ab Design of experiments for a factorial
rice Data of Grain yield of rice variety IR8
sp.plot Splip-Plot analysis
ssp.plot Split-split-Plot analysis
weatherSeverity Weather and Severity
wilt Data of Bacterial Wilt (AUDPC) and soil
yacon Data Yacon
zigzag order plot in serpentine
design.lattice Lattice designs
design.lsd Latin Square Design
genxenv Data of potato yield in a different environment
graph.freq Histogram
join.freq Join class for histogram
kendall Correlation of Kendall
lastC Setting the last character of a chain
lateblight LATEBLIGHT - Simulator for potato late blight Version LB2004
greenhouse Data in greenhouse
hgroups groups of hclust
huasahuasi Data: Rainfall thresholds as support for timing fungicide applications in the control of potato late blight in Peru
montecarlo Random generation by Montecarlo
plots Data for an analysis in split-plot
reg.homog Homologation of regressions
tapply.stat Statistics of data grouped by factors
vark Variance K, ties, Kendall
natives Data of native potato
plot.graph.freq Histogram Plotting the multiple comparison of means
plrv Data clones from the PLRV population Resampling to find the optimal number of markers
simulation.model Simulation of the linear model under normality
sinRepAmmi Data for AMMI without repetition
waller Computations of Bayesian t-values for multiple comparisons
waller.test Multiple comparisons, Waller-Duncan
index.smith Uniformity soil. Smith's Index of Soil Heterogeneity
lineXtester Line x Tester Analysis
markers Data of molecular markers
ogive.freq Plotting the ogive from a histogram Ordering the treatments according to the multiple comparison
potato Data of cutting
ralstonia Data of assessment of the population in the soil R.solanacearum
skewness Finding the skewness coefficient
soil Data of soil analysis for 13 localities
sweetpotato Data of sweetpotato yield
table.freq frequency Table of a Histogram
polygon.freq The polygon of frequency on the histogram
stability.nonpar Nonparametric stability analysis
stability.par Stability analysis. SHUKLA'S STABILITY VARIANCE AND KANG'S
sturges.freq Class intervals for a histogram, the rule of Sturges
summary.graph.freq frequency Table of a Histogram
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