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Algebraic statistics in R

algstat provides functionality for algebraic statistics in R. Current applications include exact inference in log-linear models for contingency table data, analysis of ranked and partially ranked data, and general purpose tools for multivariate polynomials, building on the mpoly package. To aid in the process, algstat has ports to Macaulay2, Bertini, LattE-integrale and 4ti2.

Functions in algstat

Name Description
politics Politics by Personality
ones Ones Vector
city Living Location Preference Dataset
Amaker Distance transitive matrix
count Count Integer Points in a Polytope
markov Compute a Markov Basis with 4ti2
handy Handedness Data
abortion Haberman's Abortion, Education, and Religion Data
print.hierarchical Pretty Printing of Hierarchical's Output
algstat algstat : Algebraic statistics in R
Mmaker Marginals matrix
Smaker Means matrix (rank data)
print.bertini Pretty Printing of Bertini Output
drugs Use of Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Marijuana by High School Students
condorcet Find a Condorcet Choice.
cookie Girl Scout Cookie Preferences
Tmaker Create the sufficient statistics calculating matrix for approval data
m2 Evaluate Macaulay2 Code
Pmaker Pairs matrix
is.linear Test whether an mpoly object is linear.
polyOptim Polynomial Optimization
haberman Haberman's Positive Margin no Three-way Interaction MLE
countTables Count Similarly Margined Contingency Tables
hmat Construct a Hierarchical Model Matrix
latteMin Solve a Linear Program (Minimization)
tab2vec Array to Vector conversion
mchoose Multinomial Coefficient
projectOnto Vector Projection onto col(A)
setMarkovPath Set 4ti2 Path
hierarchical Fitting Hierarchical Log-linear Models with Algebraic Methods
tableau Tableau Notation for Markov
setBertiniPath Set Bertini Path
print.m2 Pretty printing of Macaulay2 output.
setLattePath Set LattE Path
setM2Path Set Macaulay2 Path
summary.bertini Summarize Bertini Output
rvotes Random Spectral Data
subsets Compute Subsets
teshape Interconvert data structures
variety Compute a Variety
print.tableau Pretty printing of tableau output.
Emaker Create the expected higher-order statistics calculating matrix for approval data
print.spectral Pretty Printing of Spectral's Output
vec2tab Vector to Array conversion
is.bertini Bertini Object Check
latteMax Solve a Linear Program (Maximization)
metropolis Markov Basis Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
print.polyOptim Pretty printing of polyOptim (Bertini) output.
upper Create an upper triangular matrix
bertini Evaluate Bertini Code
politicalGoals Relative Rankings of Importance of Four Political Goals
lpnorm Lp Norm
Umaker U matrix (rank data)
kprod Iterated Kronecker product
projectOntoPerp Vector Projection onto the orthogonal complement of col(A)
lower Create a lower triangular matrix
is.m2 Macaulay2 Object Check
polySolve Solve a System of Polynomial Equations
bump Convert Dimensions of Approval Data
spectral Analyze a Rank Dataset
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Type Package
Date 2014-12-04
LinkingTo Rcpp
License GPL-2
SystemRequirements Optionally Latte-integrale, Bertini, and Macaulay2. Cygwin is required for each of the above for Windows users. See INSTALL file for details.
Packaged 2014-12-06 01:17:27 UTC; david_kahle
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-12-06 02:23:38

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