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Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd edition

This package is a companion to the textbook S. Weisberg (2005), "Applied Linear Regression," 3rd edition, Wiley. It includes all the data sets discussed in the book (except one), and a few functions that are tailored to the methods discussed in the book. As of version 2.0.0, this package depends on the car package. Many functions formerly in alr3 have been renamed and now reside in car. Data files have beeen lightly modified to make some data columns row labels.

Functions in alr3

Name Description
UN2 National statistics from the United Nations
mile World records for the mile run
Mitchell Mitchell soil temperature
wm1 Simple windmill data
sniffer Sniffer data
downer Downer data
wm3 Binned wind speed data
alr3-package Companion to Applied Linear Regression
randomLinComb Compute a random linear combination of the columns of a matrix or data frame
turk0 Turkey data, one source
chloride Chloride data
BGSall Berkeley guidance study
landrent Land rent
BigMac2003 World cities data
lathe1 Lathe data
donner Donner party
UN3 National statistics from the United Nations
brains Mammal brain weights
shocks Small electric shocks in dairy cows
MWwords Word frequencies from Mosteller and Wallace
transact Transaction data
ufc Height-diameter data for Upper Flat Creek, Idaho
snake Snake river data
wm4 Windmill data with direction information and four reference sites
alrWeb Access to the Applied Linear Regression website
baeskel Surface tension
salary Salary data
challeng Challenger data
blowdown Blowdown data
drugcost Drug cost.
galtonpeas Galton's peas
allshoots Apple shoots data
cloud Florida area cumulus experiment, FACE I.
physics Physics data
htwt Artificial height and weight data
titanic Titanic
dwaste Crock data.
cathedral Cathedrals
wm2 Windmill data with direction information
swan96 Black crappie study on Swan Lake, Minnesota
stopping Stopping distances
prodscore Soil productivity
turkey Turkey data, all sources
lakemary Lake Mary bluegills
caution Caution data
segreg Energy consumption
hooker Hooker's data
wblake West Bearskin Lake small mouth bass data.
highway Highway accidents
ais Australian institute of sport data
banknote Swiss banknote data
forbes Forbes data
galapagos Galapagos species data
domedata Metrodome fan experiment
alr3-deprecated Deprecated Functions in the alr3 Package
fuel2001 Fuel consumption
ftcollinssnow Ft. Collins snowfall
heights Pearson-Lee data
florida Florida presidential election
npdata Northern pike catch per unit effort
salarygov Government salary study
pod Fit partial one-dimensional, or POD models, based on a linear model
oldfaith Old Faithful Geyser data
walleye Walleye length at age
wool Wool data
sleep1 Sleep in mammals
mantel Mantel's artifical data for stepwise regression
pipeline Alaska pipeline
cakes Cakes data
rat Rat data
twins Burt's twin data
lakes Lake zooplankton diversity
snowgeese Snow geese
pureErrorAnova Pure Error analysis of variance
water California water
UN1 National statistics from the United Nations
jevons Jevon's gold coin data
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