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Packaged 2016-11-11 21:07:29 UTC; sacmac
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Date/Publication 2016-11-11 23:11:11

Interface to 'Digital Ocean'

Provides a set of functions for interacting with the 'Digital Ocean' API at , including creating images, destroying them, rebooting, getting details on regions, and available images.
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Functions in analogsea

Name Description
action Retrieve an existing action by action id
adjectives Adjectives to use for seeding random word selection when name not given for a droplet
account Get account information
cloud_config Generate cloud config file.
analogsea-package R client for Digital Ocean
actions List actions across all droplets.
do_options Set Digital Ocean options including ssh keys, etc.
docklet_create Docklets: docker on droplets.
as.domain_record List, create and delete domain records.
droplet_actions Retrieve a droplet action or list all actions associatd with a droplet.
droplet_execute Execute R code on a droplet.
droplet_create Create a new droplet.
domains Get information on a single domain or all your domains.
docklets_create Docklets: docker on droplets - create many docklets
droplet_do_actions Perform actions on one or more droplets associated with a tag
droplet_delete Delete a droplet.
droplet_freeze Freeze/thaw droplets.
domain_create Create/delete domains.
droplet_kernels_list List all available kernels for a droplet.
droplet_reuse Reuse a droplet or image by name
droplet_upgrades_list List all droplets that are scheduled to be upgraded.
droplet_ssh Remotely execute ssh code, upload & download files.
droplet Retrieve a single droplet.
droplet_wait Wait for a droplet to be ready.
droplets List all available droplets.
httr-verbs httr wrappers.
droplets_cost Calculate cost across droplets
droplets_create Create many new droplets.
image_delete Rename/delete an image
image_actions Retrieve an action associated with a particular image id.
as.image Get list of images and their metadata, or a single image
keys List your ssh keys, or get a single key
key-crud Create, update, and delete ssh keys.
nouns Nouns to use for seeding random word selection when name not given for a droplet
image_transfer Transfer an image to a specified region.
image_convert Convert an backup image to a snapshot.
neighbors List neighbors
%>% Pipe operator
resize Resize a droplet by power off, snapshot, and create new droplet
sizes Get all the available sizes that can be used to create a droplet.
rate_limit Rate limit information for the authenticated user.
tag_delete Delete a tag
regions Get list of regions and their metadata
tag_rename Rename a tag
tag_create Create a tag
tag_resource_delete Untag a resource
as.snapshot Snapshot operations
standardise_keys Standardise specification of ssh keys.
volume_attach Attach a volume to a droplet
as.volume Block storage operations
tag_resource Tag a resource
tags List tags
words 1000 words to use for seeding random word selection when name not given for a droplet
do_oauth Authorize with Digital Ocean.
debian Helpers for managing a debian droplets.
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