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A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations

Provides functions for animations in statistics, covering topics in probability theory, mathematical statistics, multivariate statistics, non-parametric statistics, sampling survey, linear models, time series, computational statistics, data mining and machine learning. These functions may be helpful in teaching statistics and data analysis. Also provided in this package are a series of functions to save animations to various formats, e.g. Flash, 'GIF', HTML pages, 'PDF' and videos. 'PDF' animations can be inserted into 'Sweave' / 'knitr' easily.



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This is an R package to create and export animations to a variety of formats (HTML/JS, GIF, Video, PDF), and it also serves as a gallery of statistical animations.


To install the stable version on CRAN:


To install the GitHub version under development:

install.packages('animation', repos = '')

If you want to contribute, the documentation and NAMESPACE of this package are generated by roxygen2 and Rd2roxygen:

if (!require('Rd2roxygen') install.packages('Rd2roxygen')
rab('animation', install = TRUE)


Bugs and feature requests can be filed to Pull requests are also welcome.

Functions in animation

Name Description
g.brownian.motion Brownian Motion using Google Visualization API
ecol.death.sim A simulation of the death of two species with certain probabilities
vi.lilac.chaser Visual Illusions: Lilac Chaser
Rosling.bubbles The bubbles animation in Hans Rosling's Talk
HuSpeech Word counts of a speech by the Chinese President Hu
kfcv Sample sizes for k-fold cross-validation
mwar.ani Demonstration for ``Moving Window Auto-Regression''
grad.desc Gradient Descent Algorithm for the 2D case
ani.options Set or query animation options
ani.start Generate an HTML animation page
im.convert A wrapper for the `convert' utility of ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick Brownian Motion in a circle Demonstration of the concept of confidence intervals
animation-package A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations
ani.pause Pause for a while and flush the current graphical device
ani.record Record and replay animations
saveGIF Convert images to a single animation file (typically GIF) using ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick
clt.ani Demonstration of the Central Limit Theorem
quincunx Demonstration of the Quincunx (Bean Machine/Galton Box)
CLELAL09 The NBA game between CLE Cavaliers and LAL Lakers on Dec 25, 2009
cv.ani Demonstration for the process of cross-validation
kmeans.ani Demonstration of the k-Means clustering algorithm
price.ani Demonstrate stock prices in animations
knn.ani Demonstration of the k-Nearest Neighbour classification
buffon.needle Simulation of Buffon's Needle
pdftk A wrapper for the PDF toolkit Pdftk
sample.strat Demonstration for the stratified sampling
vi.grid.illusion Visual illusions: Scintillating grid illusion and Hermann grid illusion
moving.block Cycle through an R object and plot each subset of elements
pollen Synthetic dataset about the geometric features of pollen grains
saveLatex Insert animations into a LaTeX document and compile it
boot.iid Demonstrate bootstrapping for iid data
cv.nfeaturesLDA Cross-validation to find the optimum number of features (variables) in LDA
least.squares Demonstrate the least squares method
iatemp Average yearly temperatures in central Iowa
sample.simple Demonstration for simple random sampling without replacement
newton.method Demonstration of the Newton-Raphson method for root-finding
sample.cluster Demonstration for the cluster sampling
sample.system Demonstration for the systematic sampling
MC.samplemean Sample Mean Monte Carlo integration
vanke1127 Stock prices of Vanke Co., Ltd on 2009/11/27
boot.lowess Bootstrapping with LOWESS
flip.coin Probability in flipping coins
brownian.motion Demonstration of Brownian motion on the 2D plane
ObamaSpeech Word counts of a speech by the US President Obama
sample.ratio Demonstrate the ratio estimation in sampling survey
saveVideo Convert a sequence of images to a video by FFmpeg
pageview Page views from Sep 21, 2007 to Dec 2, 2007 of Yihui's website
sim.qqnorm Simulation of QQ plots for the Normal distribution
saveHTML Insert animations into an HTML page
qpdf A wrapper for the PDF toolkit qpdf
lln.ani Demonstration of Law of Large Numbers
saveSWF Convert images to Flash animations
MC.hitormiss Hit or Miss Monte Carlo integration
bisection.method Demonstration of the Bisection Method for root-finding on an interval
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Type Package
SystemRequirements ImageMagick ( or GraphicsMagick ( or LyX ( for saveGIF(); (PDF)LaTeX for saveLatex(); SWF Tools ( for saveSWF(); FFmpeg ( or avconv ( for saveVideo()
License GPL
LazyData yes
Encoding UTF-8
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-12-10 23:26:07 UTC; yihui
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-12-11 09:20:18 UTC

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