annotate v1.46.1

Annotation for microarrays

Using R enviroments for annotation.

Functions in annotate

Name Description
compatibleVersions function to check to see if the packages represented by the names passed have the same version number
dropECode Drop GO labels for specified Evidence Codes
getSEQ Queries the NCBI database to obtain the sequence for a given GenBank Accession number
getSYMBOL Functions to deal with Data Packages
isValidKey Get or verify valid IDs for a package.
LL2homology DEPRECATED Functions that find the homology data for a given set of LocusLink ids or HomoloGeneIDs
pm.titles Obtain the titles of the PubMed abstracts.
updateSymbolsToValidKeys Take a list of symbols and translate them into the best possible ID for a package.
pmAbst2HTML HTML Generation for PubMed Abstracts
usedChromGenes A function to select used genes on a chromosome from an ExpressionSet.
accessionToUID A function to convert accession values to NCBI UIDs.
ACCNUMStats Provides statistics on the types of ids used for the ACCNUM environment of a given data package
findNeighbors A function to locate neighboring genes within a defined range around a target gene represented by a Entrez Gene ID
GOmnplot A function to plot by group means against each other.
filterGOByOntology Filter GO terms by a specified GO ontology
hasGOannote Check for GO annotation
hgu95All Annotation data for the Affymetrix HGU95A GeneChip
PMIDAmat A function to compute the probe to PubMed id incidence matrix.
pmid2MIAME use web to populate MIAME instance with pubmed details
hgu95AProbLocs chromLocation instance hgu95AProbLocs, an example of a chromLocation object
genbank A function to open the browser to Genbank with the selected gene.
buildPubMedAbst A function to generate an instantiation of a pubMedAbst class
buildChromLocation A function to generate an instantiation of a chromLocation class
getAnnMap Get annotation map
getPMInfo extract publication details and abstract from annotate::pubmed function output
getOntology Get GO terms for a specified ontology
pmidQuery A function to query PubMed
pubmed A function to open the browser to Pubmed with the selected gene.
chrCats Returns a list of chromosome locations from a MAP environment
chromLocation-class Class chromLocation, a class for describing genes and their chromosome mappings.
getEvidence Get the Evidence codes for a set of GO terms.
getGOTerm Functions to Access GO data.
HTMLPage-class Classes to represent HTML pages
htmlpage Functions to build HTML pages
aqListGOIDs List GO Identifiers by GO Ontology
mapOrgs Functions to map to organism IDs used by NCBI homology.
makeAnchor A Function To Generate HTML Anchors
readGEOAnn Function to extract data from the GEO web site
serializeEnv A Function To Serialize Environment
blastSequences Run a blast query to NCBI for either a string or an entrez gene ID and then return a series of MultipleAlignment objects.
entrezGeneByID Create a Query String for an Entrez Gene Identifier
entrezGeneQuery Create a Query String for Entrez Genes
getQueryLink Functions to create hypertext links that can be placed in a table cell of a HTML file
GO2heatmap Compute a heatmap for the specified data, for either a GO category or a KEGG pathway.
hgu95Asym Annotation data for the Affymetrix HGU95A GeneChip
organism Convenience function for getting the organism from an object or package
homoData-class Class "homoData"
p2LL A function to map from probes to unique Entrez Gene IDs
setRepository Functions to add arbitrary repositories
UniGeneQuery Create a Query String for a UniGene Identifier
annotate-defunct Defunct Functions in Package annotate
annPkgName Get annotation package name from chip name
hgByChroms A dataset to show the human genome base pair locations per chromosome.
hgCLengths A dataset which contains the lengths (in base pairs) of the human chromosomes.
hgu95Achrom Annotation data for the Affymetrix HGU95A GeneChip
pm.abstGrep An interface to grep for PubMed abstracts.
pm.getabst Obtain the abstracts for a set PubMed list.
PWAmat A function to compute the probe to KEGG pathway incidence matrix.
pubMedAbst-class Class pubMedAbst, a class to handle PubMed abstracts, and methods for processing them.
hgu95Achroloc Annotation data for the Affymetrix HGU95A GeneChip
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Collate ACCNUMStats.R Amat.R AnnMaps.R chromLocation.R compatipleVersions.R findNeighbors.R getData.R getPMInfo.R getSeq4ACC.R GOhelpers.R homoData.R html.R isValidKey.R LL2homology.R pmid2MIAME.R probesByLL.R pubMedAbst.R query.R readGEOAnn.R serializeEnv.R blastSequences.R zzz.R test_annotate_package.R
biocViews Annotation, Pathways, GO
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