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Analysis of Overdispersed Data using S3 Methods

Provides functions to analyse overdispersed counts or proportions. These functions should be considered as complements to more sophisticated methods such as generalized estimating equations (GEE) or generalized linear mixed effect models (GLMM). aods3 is an S3 re-implementation of the deprecated S4 package aod.

Functions in aods3

Name Description
antibio Antibiotics against Shipping Fever in Calves
mice Pregnant Female Mice Experiment
dja Mortality of Djallonke Lambs in Senegal
cohorts Age, Period and Cohort Effects for Vital Rates
orob1 Germination Data
splitbin Split Grouped Data Into Individual Data
varbin Estimate of a Probability from Clustered Binomial Data
iccbin Intra-Cluster Correlation for Clustered Binomial data
invlink Transformation from the Link Scale to the Observation Scale
link Transformation from the Observation Scale to the Link Scale
wald.test Wald Test for Model Coefficients
lizards A Comparison of Site Preferences of Two Species of Lizard
aodml ML Estimation of Generalized Linear Models for Overdispersed Count Data
aodql QL/MM Estimation of Generalized Linear Models for Overdispersed Count Data
rats Rats Diet Experiment
salmonella Salmonella Reverse Mutagenicity Assay
drs Test of Proportion Homogeneity between Groups using Donner's and Rao-Scott's Adjustments
gof Test of Goodness-of-Fit of Models for Count data
orob2 Germination Data
rabbits Rabbits Foetuses Survival Experiment
aods3-pkg Analysis of Overdispersed Data
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License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData yes
Packaged 2018-08-30 11:19:11 UTC; hornik
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-30 11:26:29 UTC

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