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Various Methods to Estimate the AUC

Estimate the AUC using a variety of methods as follows: (1) frequentist nonparametric methods based on the Mann-Whitney statistic or kernel methods. (2) frequentist parametric methods using the likelihood ratio test based on higher-order asymptotic results, the signed log-likelihood ratio test, the Wald test, or the approximate ''t'' solution to the Behrens-Fisher problem. (3) Bayesian parametric MCMC methods.

Functions in auRoc

Name Description
petBrainGlioma Standard Uptake Value (SUV) for Brain Glioma Grading
auc.nonpara.kernel AUC by Kernel Methods
auc.para.bayes AUC by the Bayesian MCMC
auc.para.frequentist AUC by Frequentist Parametric Methods AUC Based on the Mann-Whitney Statistic
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