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Statistical Testing for AUC Data

Performs statistical testing to compare predictive models based on multiple observations of the A' statistic (also known as Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve, or AUC). Specifically, it implements a testing method based on the equivalence between the A' statistic and the Wilcoxon statistic. For more information, see Hanley and McNeil (1982) <doi:10.1148/radiology.143.1.7063747>.

Functions in auctestr

Name Description
fbh_test Apply z-test for difference between auc_1 and auc_2 using FBH method.
sample_experiment_data Performance of several predictive models over three different datasets, using multiple cutoff points for time within each dataset.
se_auc Compute standard error of AUC score, using its equivalence to the Wilcoxon statistic.
stouffer_z Compute aggregate z-score using Stouffer's method.
auc_compare Compare AUC values using the FBH method.
auctestr auctestr: Statistical Testing for AUC data.
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imports dplyr , tidyr
suggests knitr , rmarkdown , testthat
depends R (>= 3.3.1)

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