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Convert Regression Between Base Function and 'rms' Package

We perform linear, logistic, and cox regression using the base functions lm(), glm(), and coxph() in the R software and the 'survival' package. Likewise, we can use ols(), lrm() and cph() from the 'rms' package for the same functionality. Each of these two sets of commands has a different focus. In many cases, we need to use both sets of commands in the same situation, e.g. we need to filter the full subset model using AIC, and we need to build a visualization graph for the final model. 'base.rms' package can help you to switch between the two sets of commands easily.

Functions in base.rms

Name Description
cph2coxph Convert results of cox regression from cph() to coxph()
coxph2cph Convert results of cox regression from coxph() to cph()
logit2lrm Convert results of logistic regression from glm() to lrm()
lm2ols Convert results of lm() to ols()
ols2lm Convert results of ols() to lm()
lrm2logit Convert results of logistic regression from lrm() to glm()
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