base (version 3.3.2)

as.environment: Coerce to an Environment Object


A generic function coercing an R object to an environment. A number or a character string is converted to the corresponding environment on the search path.




an R object to convert. If it is already an environment, just return it. If it is a positive number, return the environment corresponding to that position on the search list. If it is -1, the environment it is called from. If it is a character string, match the string to the names on the search list.

If it is a list, the equivalent of list2env(x, parent = emptyenv()) is returned.

If is.object(x) is true and it has a class for which an as.environment method is found, that is used.


The corresponding environment object.

See Also

environment for creation and manipulation, search; list2env.


Run this code
as.environment(1) ## the global environment
identical(globalenv(), as.environment(1)) ## is TRUE
try( ## <<- stats need not be attached
ee <- as.environment(list(a = "A", b = pi, ch = letters[1:8]))
ls(ee) # names of objects in ee

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