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Darwinizer: Darwin Core (DwC) Field Names Standardization

The 'shiny' application 'bdDwC' makes biodiversity data field names Darwin Core compatible.


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Darwinazing biodiversity data in R (this package is in preparation stage and soon will be submitted to CRAN).

"Darwin Core is a standard maintained by the Darwin Core maintenance group. It includes a glossary of terms intended to facilitate the sharing of information about biological diversity by providing identifiers, labels, and definitions." Darwin Core

bdDwC is R package (soon to be submitted to CRAN) that user can Darwinize given data using shiny application interface. This package is part of bd-R and soon will be implemented into two other packages bdchecks and bdclean

This package lets user to:

  • Upload users dataset.
  • Upload users dictionary.
  • Run automatic Darwinizer.
  • Perform manual renaming.

All these actions are done within reactive shiny environment.

Install bdDwC with:


Run bdDwC shiny app with:


To use bdDwC from the command line:

Load bdDwC package


bdDwC contains Indian Reptile dataset bdDwC:::dataReptiles.
Darwinize data with darwinizeNames (replace bdDwC:::dataReptiles with wanted dataset):

result <- darwinizeNames(dataUser = bdDwC:::dataReptiles,
                        dataDWC   = bdDwC:::dataDarwinCloud$data)

Rename your data using bdDwC with renameUserData:

# Replace `bdDwC:::dataReptiles` with wanted dataset
renameUserData(bdDwC:::dataReptiles, result)

To get newest version of Darwin Cloud Data run:


which will download data from the remote repository and extract field and standard names.

Functions in bdDwC

Name Description
combineOldNew Combine old/new name for checkboxes
downloadCloudData Download Darwin Cloud Data
renameUserData Rename Dataset According Darwinized Names
runDwC Launch bdDwC Shiny Application
getDarwinCoreInfo Retrieve Information about Darwin Core Terms
dataDarwinCloud Darwin Cloud Data
dataReptiles Indian Reptiles
darwinizeNames Darwinize names
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Date 2018-08-28
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 6.1.0
License GPL-3
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-08-28 17:45:53 UTC; pogibas
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-31 19:40:03 UTC

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