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Routines for Block Diagonal Symmetric Matrices

This is a special case of sparse matrices, used by coxme.

Functions in bdsmatrix

Name Description
solve.bdsmatrix Solve a matrix equation using the generalized Cholesky decompostion
solve.gchol Solve a matrix equation using the generalized Cholesky decompostion
gchol.bdsmatrix-class Class "gchol.bdsmatrix"
backsolve Solve an Upper or Lower Triangular System
listbdsmatrix List out a bdsmatrix as row/col/value triplets
bdsI Sparse identity matrices
gchol-class Class "gchol"
bdsBlock Block diagonal matrices.
gchol Generalized Cholesky decompostion
bdsmatrix Create a sparse symmetric block diagonal matrix object
as.matrix.bdsmatrix Convert a bdsmatrix to a ordinary (dense) matrix
bdsmatrix-class Class "bdsmatrix"
bdsmatrix.ibd Create a bdsmatrix from a list
bdsmatrix.reconcile Ensure alignment of two bdsmatrix objects
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Date 2020-01-07-13
LazyData Yes
LazyLoad Yes
License LGPL-2
Collate bdsmatrix.R gchol.R gchol.bdsmatrix.R as.matrix.bdsmatrix.R bdsBlock.R bdsI.R bdsmatrix.ibd.R bdsmatrix.reconcile.R diag.bdsmatrix.R listbdsmatrix.R multiply.bdsmatrix.R solve.bdsmatrix.R solve.gchol.R solve.gchol.bdsmatrix.R backsolve.R
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-01-13 20:10:02 UTC; therneau
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-01-13 21:10:09 UTC

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