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Bootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)

Functions and datasets for bootstrapping from the book "Bootstrap Methods and Their Application" by A. C. Davison and D. V. Hinkley (1997, CUP), originally written by Angelo Canty for S.

Functions in boot

Name Description
amis Car Speeding and Warning Signs
capability Simulated Manufacturing Process Data
aml Remission Times for Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia
catsM Weight Data for Domestic Cats
claridge Genetic Links to Left-handedness
channing Channing House Data Nonparametric ABC Confidence Intervals
melanoma Survival from Malignant Melanoma
corr Correlation Coefficient
frets Head Dimensions in Brothers
glm.diag Generalized Linear Model Diagnostics
cum3 Calculate Third Order Cumulants
calcium Calcium Uptake Data
coal Dates of Coal Mining Disasters
control Control Variate Calculations
empinf Empirical Influence Values
ducks Behavioral and Plumage Characteristics of Hybrid Ducks
acme Monthly Excess Returns
cane Sugar-cane Disease Data
inv.logit Inverse Logit Function
motor Data from a Simulated Motorcycle Accident
print.bootci Print Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
salinity Water Salinity and River Discharge
saddle.distn.object Saddlepoint Distribution Approximation Objects
print.saddle.distn Print Quantiles of Saddlepoint Approximations
islay Jura Quartzite Azimuths on Islay
linear.approx Linear Approximation of Bootstrap Replicates
lines.saddle.distn Add a Saddlepoint Approximation to a Plot
urine Urine Analysis Data
tuna Tuna Sighting Data
aircondit Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment
aids Delay in AIDS Reporting in England and Wales
nuclear Nuclear Power Station Construction Data
paulsen Neurotransmission in Guinea Pig Brains
saddle Saddlepoint Approximations for Bootstrap Statistics
saddle.distn Saddlepoint Distribution Approximations for Bootstrap Statistics
boot.array Bootstrap Resampling Arrays
cav Position of Muscle Caveolae
dogs Cardiac Data for Domestic Dogs
cd4 CD4 Counts for HIV-Positive Patients Nonparametric Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
downs.bc Incidence of Down's Syndrome in British Columbia
EEF.profile Empirical Likelihoods
Imp.Estimates Importance Sampling Estimates
boot-practicals Functions for Bootstrap Practicals
cloth Number of Flaws in Cloth
boot Bootstrap Resampling
co.transfer Carbon Monoxide Transfer
gravity Acceleration Due to Gravity
neuro Neurophysiological Point Process Data
plot.boot Plots of the Output of a Bootstrap Simulation
glm.diag.plots Diagnostics plots for generalized linear models
smooth.f Smooth Distributions on Data Points
envelope Confidence Envelopes for Curves
poisons Animal Survival Times
nitrofen Toxicity of Nitrofen in Aquatic Systems
exp.tilt Exponential Tilting
beaver Beaver Body Temperature Data
fir Counts of Balsam-fir Seedlings
brambles Spatial Location of Bramble Canes
cv.glm Cross-validation for Generalized Linear Models
hirose Failure Time of PET Film
cd4.nested Nested Bootstrap of cd4 data
bigcity Population of U.S. Cities
darwin Darwin's Plant Height Differences
censboot Bootstrap for Censored Data
breslow Smoking Deaths Among Doctors
sunspot Annual Mean Sunspot Numbers
freq.array Bootstrap Frequency Arrays
imp.weights Importance Sampling Weights
jack.after.boot Jackknife-after-Bootstrap Plots
var.linear Linear Variance Estimate
polar Pole Positions of New Caledonian Laterites
print.boot Print a Summary of a Bootstrap Object
k3.linear Linear Skewness Estimate
print.simplex Print Solution to Linear Programming Problem
nodal Nodal Involvement in Prostate Cancer
wool Australian Relative Wool Prices Normal Approximation Confidence Intervals
logit Logit of Proportions
manaus Average Heights of the Rio Negro river at Manaus
remission Cancer Remission and Cell Activity
tsboot Bootstrapping of Time Series
tilt.boot Non-parametric Tilted Bootstrap
survival Survival of Rats after Radiation Doses
simplex.object Linear Programming Solution Objects
simplex Simplex Method for Linear Programming Problems
tau Tau Particle Decay Modes
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