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Functions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"

Software (bootstrap, cross-validation, jackknife) and data for the book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap" by B. Efron and R. Tibshirani, 1993, Chapman and Hall. This package is primarily provided for projects already based on it, and for support of the book. New projects should preferentially use the recommended package "boot".

Functions in bootstrap

Name Description
Rainfall Rainfall Data
bootstrap Non-Parametric Bootstrapping
mouse.c Experiments with mouse
lutenhorm Luteinizing Hormone
stamp Data on Thickness of Stamps
abcpar Parametric ABC Confidence Limits
law Law school data from Efron and Tibshirani
mouse.t Experiment with mouse
crossval K-fold Cross-Validation
diabetes Blood Measurements on 43 Diabetic Children
scor Open/Closed Book Examination Data
spatial Spatial Test Data
bcanon Nonparametric BCa Confidence Limits
hormone Hormone Data from page 107
tooth Tooth Strength Data
patch The Patch Data
law82 Data for Universe of USA Law Schools
boott Bootstrap-t Confidence Limits
abcnon Nonparametric ABC Confidence Limits
cholost The Cholostyramine Data
bootpred Bootstrap Estimates of Prediction Error
cell Cell Survival data
bootstrap-internal Internal functions of package bootstrap
jackknife Jackknife Estimation
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