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by John Fox

Companion to Applied Regression Data Sets

Datasets to Accompany J. Fox and S. Weisberg, An R Companion to Applied Regression, Third Edition, Sage (forthcoming).

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Name Description
Adler Experimenter Expectations
Duncan Duncan's Occupational Prestige Data
DavisThin Davis's Data on Drive for Thinness
Highway1 Highway Accidents
Depredations Minnesota Wolf Depredation Data
KosteckiDillon Treatment of Migraine Headaches
Ornstein Interlocking Directorates Among Major Canadian Firms
Guyer Anonymity and Cooperation
OBrienKaiser O'Brien and Kaiser's Repeated-Measures Data
Hartnagel Canadian Crime-Rates Time Series
Ericksen The 1980 U.S. Census Undercount
Mandel Contrived Collinear Data
Pottery Chemical Composition of Pottery
Migration Canadian Interprovincial Migration Data
TitanicSurvival Survival of Passengers on the Titanic
Prestige Prestige of Canadian Occupations
Florida Florida County Voting
Cowles Cowles and Davis's Data on Volunteering
Rossi Rossi et al.'s Criminal Recidivism Data
SLID Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
CES11 2011 Canadian National Election Study, With Attitude Toward Abortion
Davis Self-Reports of Height and Weight
Transact Transaction data
Wells Well Switching in Bangladesh
Womenlf Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
Leinhardt Data on Infant-Mortality
LoBD Cancer drug data use to provide an example of the use of the skew power distributions.
States Education and Related Statistics for the U.S. States
Soils Soil Compositions of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Freedman Crowding and Crime in U. S. Metropolitan Areas
UN National Statistics from the United Nations, Mostly From 2009--2011
UN98 United Nations Social Indicators Data 1998]
Chile Voting Intentions in the 1988 Chilean Plebiscite
Sahlins Agricultural Production in Mazulu Village
CanPop Canadian Population Data
Salaries Salaries for Professors
USPop Population of the United States
Vocab Vocabulary and Education
Chirot The 1907 Romanian Peasant Rebellion
Friendly Format Effects on Recall
Ginzberg Data on Depression
GSSvocab Data from the General Social Survey (GSS) from the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago.
MplsDemo Minneapolis Demographic Data 2015, by Neighborhood
Mroz U.S. Women's Labor-Force Participation
Greene Refugee Appeals
Moore Status, Authoritarianism, and Conformity
MplsStops Minneapolis Police Department 2017 Stop Data
WVS World Values Surveys
WeightLoss Weight Loss Data
Quartet Four Regression Datasets
Robey Fertility and Contraception
Wong Post-Coma Recovery of IQ
Wool Wool data
Bfox Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
Blackmore Exercise Histories of Eating-Disordered and Control Subjects
AMSsurvey American Math Society Survey Data
BEPS British Election Panel Study
Baumann Methods of Teaching Reading Comprehension
Burt Fraudulent Data on IQs of Twins Raised Apart
Anscombe U. S. State Public-School Expenditures
Arrests Arrests for Marijuana Possession
Angell Moral Integration of American Cities
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