Specify cell limits via an anchor cell

Specify the targetted cell rectangle via an upper left anchor cell and the rectangle's row and column extent. The extent can be specified directly via dims or indirectly via the input object. Specification via input anticipates a write operation into the spreadsheet. If input is one-dimensional, the byrow argument controls whether the rectangle will extend down from the anchor or to the right. If input is two-dimensional, the col_names argument controls whether cells will be reserved for column or variable names. If col_names is unspecified, default behavior is to set it to TRUE if input has columns names and FALSE otherwise.

anchored(anchor = "A1", dim = c(1L, 1L), input = NULL, col_names = NULL, byrow = FALSE)
character, specifying the upper left cell in "A1" or "R1C1" notation
integer vector, of length two, holding the number of rows and columns of the targetted rectangle; ignored if input is provided
a one- or two-dimensioanl input object, used to determine the extent of the targetted rectangle
logical, indicating whether a row should be reserved for the column or variable names of a two-dimensional input; if omitted, will be determined by checking whether input has column names
logical, indicating whether a one-dimensional input should run down or to the right

a cell_limits object

  • anchored
library(cellranger) anchored() as.range(anchored()) dim(anchored()) anchored("Q24") as.range(anchored("Q24")) dim(anchored("Q24")) anchored(anchor = "R4C2", dim = c(8, 2)) as.range(anchored(anchor = "R4C2", dim = c(8, 2))) as.range(anchored(anchor = "R4C2", dim = c(8, 2)), fo = "A1") dim(anchored(anchor = "R4C2", dim = c(8, 2))) (input <- head(iris)) anchored(input = input) as.range(anchored(input = input)) dim(anchored(input = input)) anchored(input = input, col_names = FALSE) as.range(anchored(input = input, col_names = FALSE)) dim(anchored(input = input, col_names = FALSE)) (input <- LETTERS[1:8]) anchored(input = input) as.range(anchored(input = input)) dim(anchored(input = input)) anchored(input = input, byrow = TRUE) as.range(anchored(input = input, byrow = TRUE)) dim(anchored(input = input, byrow = TRUE))
Documentation reproduced from package cellranger, version 1.1.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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