write_dir: intermediate separated/resampled files

write_dir: intermediate separated/resampled files


Where should any output files be written? NULL (default) will write them to the current working directory.

Files flagged for deletion will be written to a temporary directory, and thus are not affected by this argument. So if sep_keep is TRUE, the separated files will be written to write_dir, but if sep_keep is FALSE, they will be written to tempdir() and later deleted. resamp_keep works similarly.

For read_cifti_separate, the surface files (surfL or surfR) are deleted if resamp_keep is FALSE, so in this case they will be written to tempdir(). But for resample_cifti, the surface files are kept even if resamp_keep is FALSE, so they will always be written to write_dir.

Different subfolders for the separated, resampled, and final output files cannot be specified by write_dir. Instead, modify the individual file names in sep_fnames and resamp_fnames.

write_dir must already exist, or an error will occur.

  • write_dir_Param_intermediate
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