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Classification of Functional Data

Efficient implementation of k-nearest neighbor estimation and kernel estimation for functional data classification.



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The classiFunc package implements methods for functional data classification. The main functions of this package are classiKnn, a k nearest neighbor estimator for functional data, and classiKernel, a kernel estimator for functional data. The package uses efficiently implemented semimetrics to create the distance matrix of the functional observations in the function computeDistMat.

Using classiFunc

For installation instructions, see below. A hands on introduction to can be found in the vignette. Details on specific functions are in the reference manual.

Issues & Feature Requests

For issues, bugs, feature requests etc. please use the Github Issues. Input is always welcome.


You can install the current classiFunc version from CRAN with:


or the latest patched version from Github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Functions in classiFunc

Name Description
DTI Diffusion Tensor Imaging: tract profiles and outcomes
DTI_original Diffusion Tensor Imaging: tract profiles and outcomes
Growth Berkeley Growth Study Data (regular grid)
Growth_irregular Berkeley Growth Study Data
classiKernel Create a kernel estimator for functional data classification
kerChoices List the names of all implemented kernel functions
metricChoices List the names of all metrics
classiFunc The classiFunc package
Phoneme Phonetic Time Series.
ArrowHead The shape of arrow heads.
BeetleFly Beetle/Fly Data
classiKnn Create a knn estimator for functional data classification.
computeDistMat Compute a distance matrix for functional observations
parallelComputeDistMat Paralleize computing a distance matrix for functional observations
predict.classiKernel predict a classiKernel object
fdataTransform Create a preprocessing pipeline function
predict.classiKnn predict a classiKnn object
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