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Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces

A suite of tools to build attractive command line interfaces ('CLIs'), from semantic elements: headings, lists, alerts, paragraphs, etc. Supports custom themes via a 'CSS'-like language. It also contains a number of lower level 'CLI' elements: rules, boxes, trees, and 'Unicode' symbols with 'ASCII' alternatives. It integrates with the 'crayon' package to support 'ANSI' terminal colors.



Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces

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A suite of tools to build attractive command line interfaces (CLIs), from semantic elements: headers, lists, alerts, paragraphs, etc. Supports theming via a CSS-like language. It also contains a number of lower level CLI elements: rules, boxes, trees, and Unicode symbols with ASCII alternatives. It integrates with the crayon package to support ANSI terminal colors.


  • Build a CLI using semantic elements: headings, lists, alerts, paragraphs.
  • Theming via a CSS-like language.
  • Terminal colors via the crayon package.
  • Create cli elements in subprocesses, using the callr package.
  • All cli text can contain interpreted string literals, via the glue package.
  • Support for pluralized messages.


Install the stable version from CRAN:


Short tour

Some of the more commonly used cli elements, and features.

Short alert messages

One liner messages to inform or warn.

pkgs <- c("foo", "bar", "foobar")
cli_alert_success("Downloaded {length(pkgs)} packages.")

db_url <- ""
cli_alert_info("Reopened database {.url {db_url}}.")

cli_alert_warning("Cannot reach GitHub, using local database cache.")

cli_alert_danger("Failed to connect to database.")

cli_alert("A generic alert")


Three levels of headings.

cli_h1("Heading 1")

cli_h2("Heading 2")

cli_h3("Heading 3")


Ordered, unordered and description lists, that can be nested.

fun <- function() {
  cli_li("Item 1")
  ulid <- cli_ul()
  cli_li("Subitem 1")
  cli_li("Subitem 2")
  cli_li("Item 2")


Theming via a CSS-like language.

fun <- function() {
  cli_div(theme = list(span.emph = list(color = "orange")))
  cli_text("This is very {.emph important}")
  cli_text("Back to the {.emph previous theme}")

Command substitution

Automatic command substitution via the glue package.

size <- 123143123
dt <- 1.3454
  "Downloaded {prettyunits::pretty_bytes(size)} in ",


Pluralization support.

nfiles <- 3
ndirs <- 1
cli_alert_info("Found {nfiles} file{?s} and {ndirs} director{?y/ies}.")


See at and also in the installed package: ?"inline-markup", ?containers, ?themes, ?pluralization.


MIT © RStudio

Functions in cli

Name Description
cli_end Close a CLI container
combine_ansi_styles Combine two or more ANSI styles
cli_par CLI paragraph
is_utf8_output Whether cli is emitting UTF-8 characters
cli_process_start Indicate the start and termination of some computation in the status bar
console_width Determine the width of the console
list_spinners List all available spinners
match_selector Match a selector to a container stack
make_spinner Create a spinner
cli_list_themes List the currently active themes
cli_sitrep cli situation report
cli_alert CLI alerts
make_ansi_style Create a new ANSI style
simple_theme A simple CLI theme
cli_rule CLI horizontal rule
cli_format Format a value for printing
cli_status Update the status bar
start_app Start, stop, query the default cli application
cli_li CLI list item(s)
cli_ol Ordered CLI list
cli_output_connection The connection option that cli would use
cli_ul Unordered CLI list
cat_line cat() helpers
inline-markup CLI inline markup
get_spinner Character vector to put a spinner on the screen
cli_verbatim CLI verbatim text
cli_status_clear Clear the status bar
symbol Various handy symbols to use in a command line UI
themes CLI themes
pluralization CLI pluralization
rule Make a rule with one or two text labels
demo_spinners Show a demo of some (by default all) spinners
containers CLI containers
tree Draw a tree
match_selector_node Match a selector node to a container
cli_status_update Update the status bar
cli_format_method Create a format method for an object using cli tools
cli_text CLI text
cli_h1 CLI headings
is_ansi_tty Detect if a stream support ANSI escape characters
parse_selector Parse a CSS3-like selector
no Pluralization helper functions
is_dynamic_tty Detect whether a stream supports \\r (Carriage return)
cli_code A block of code
cli_div Generic CLI container
ansi_hide_cursor Hide/show cursor in a terminal
list_border_styles Draw a banner-like box in the console
cli_blockquote CLI block quote
ansi-styles ANSI colored text
builtin_theme The built-in CLI theme
cli_dl Definition list
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