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Explore clustering interactively using R and GGobi

Visualise clustering algorithms with GGobi. Contains both general code for visualising clustering results and specific visualisations for model-based, hierarchical and SOM clustering.

Functions in clusterfly

Name Description
cfly_animate Dynamic plot: Animate glyph colours
cfly_clarify Match all cluster indices to common reference.
mefly Display model based clustering with mvn ellipses. Displays the results of model based clustering with an ellipse drawn from the multivariate normal model for each group.
clarify Clarify matrix Clarify matrix ordering to minimize off diagonals Convert clusterfly object to data.frame. Concatenates data and cluster assignments into one data.frame. Cluster assignments are prefixed with cl_.
cfly_dist Static plot: Variable distribution. Draw a density plot for each continuous variable, facetted across clustering.
clusterfly Creates a convenient data structure for dealing with a dataset and a number of alternative clusterings.
olive_example Example clusterfly object created with olives data
cfly_pcp Static plot: Parallel coordinates. Draw a parallel coordinates plot, facetted across clustering.
hierfly Visualisig hierarchical clustering. This method supplements a data set with information needed to draw a dendrogram
cfly_fluct Static plot: Fluctuation diagram. Draw a fluctuation diagram comparing two clusterings.
hierarchical Hierachical clustering Convenient methods for hierachical clustering
clusters Extract clusters from clustering object.
cfly_cluster Add clustering.
addhull Add convex hulls Add conver hulls using the tool qconvex
ggobi.hierfly Visualise hierarchical clustering with GGobi. Displays both data and dendrogram in original high-d space.
cfly_show Show in ggobi. Opens an instance ggobi for this dataset (if not already open), and colours the points according the cluster assignment.
ellipse Create multivariate ellipse. Randomly sample points from a probability contour of a multivariate normal.
ggobi.som Visualise Kohonen self organising maps with GGobi Displays both data, and map in original high-d space.
cut.hierfly Cut hierfly object into k clusters/colours.
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License MIT + file LICENSE
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Packaged 2014-04-23 19:39:40 UTC; hadley
NeedsCompilation no
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Date/Publication 2014-04-24 07:43:09

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