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Optimizing Consistency and Coverage in Configurational Causal Modeling

This is an add-on to the 'cna' package <> comprising various functions for optimizing consistency and coverage scores of models of configurational comparative methods as Coincidence Analysis (CNA) and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). The function conCovOpt() calculates con-cov optima, selectMax() selects con-cov maxima among the con-cov optima, DNFbuild() can be used to build models actually reaching those optima, and findOutcomes() identifies those factor values in analyzed data that can be modeled as outcomes. For a theoretical introduction to these functions see <>.

Functions in cnaOpt

Name Description
cnaOpt Find atomic solution formulas with optimal consistency and coverage
findOutcomes Identify the factors that can possibly be modeled as outcomes prior to running CNA
reprodAssign Build disjunctive normal forms realizing con-cov optima
rreduce_ereduce Eliminate redundancies from disjunctive normal forms (DNF)
selectMax Select the con-cov optimum from a 'conCovOpt' object that is best according to a specified optimality criterion
conCovOpt Find consistency and coverage optima for configurational data
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Date 2019-10-07
LinkingTo Rcpp
License GPL (>= 2)
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-10-18 10:29:00 UTC; MAM
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-10-21 14:10:06 UTC

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