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Plots Coefficients from Fitted Models

Plots the coefficients from model objects. This very quickly shows the user the point estimates and confidence intervals for fitted models.


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Coefplot is a package for plotting the coefficients and standard errors from a variety of models. Currently lm, glm, glmnet, maxLik, rxLinMod, rxGLM and rxLogit are supported.

The package is designed for S3 dispatch from the functions coefplot and getModelInfo to make for easy additions of new models.

If interested in helping please contact the package author.

Functions in coefplot

Name Description
buildModelCI buildModelCI
coefplot.glm coefplot.glm
coefpath coefpath
coefplot.default coefplot.default
buildPlottingPloty.default buildPlottingPloty.default
annotateSeries annotateSeries
buildPlotting.default Coefplot plotting
buildModelCI.default buildModelCI.default
coefplot Plotting Model Coefficients
extract.coef extract.coef
get.assign get.assign
doRegex doRegex
extractPath extractPath
extract.coef.default extract.coef.default
extract.coef.glmnet extract.coef.glmnet
multiplot Plot multiple coefplots
matchCoefs.default matchCoefs.default
extract.coef.glm extract.coef.glm
get.assign.glm get.assign.glm
coefplot.lm coefplot.lm
coefplot.rxLinMod coefplot.rxLinMod
extract.coef.rxGlm extract.coef.rxGlm
coefplot.rxGlm coefplot.rxGlm
extract.coef.lm extract.coef.lm
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxGlm getCoefsFromPredictors.rxGlm
coefplot.model_fit coefplot.model_fit
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLinMod getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLinMod
extract.coef.maxLik extract.coef.maxLik
position_dodgev Adjust position by dodging overlaps to the side.
coefplot.rxLogit coefplot.rxLogit
getCoefsFromPredictors getCoefsFromPredictors
get.assign.lm get.assign.lm
extract.coef.rxLinMod extract.coef.rxLinMod
invlogit invlogit
getCoefsFromPredictors.default getCoefsFromPredictors.default
extract.coef.rxLogit extract.coef.rxLogit
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLogit getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLogit
coefplot.workflow coefplot.workflow
getCoefsFromPredictorsRevo getCoefsFromPredictorsRevo
extract.coef.xgb.Booster extract.coef.xgb.Booster
matchCoefs matchCoefs
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Type Package
Date 2021-01-07
License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
LazyLoad yes
ByteCompile TRUE
Packaged 2021-01-14 16:23:27 UTC; jared
Encoding UTF-8
RoxygenNote 7.1.1
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2021-01-14 22:10:15 UTC

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