colorSpec (version 0.5-3)

wavelength: wavelength vector of a colorSpec object


Retrieve or set the wavelengths of a colorSpec object. Retrieve the number of wavelengths, and whether the wavelength sequence is regular.


"wavelength"(x) wavelength(x) <- value
"is.regular"(x) step.wl(x)


a colorSpec R object
a numeric vector with length equal to the number of wavelengths in x. The wavelengths must be increasing. The unit must be nanometers.


wavelength returns a numeric vector with the wavelength of the spectra, in nanometers.numWavelengths(x) is the same as length(wavelength(x)) but much more returns TRUE or FALSE, depending on whether the step between consecutive wavelengths is a constant. A truncation error of 1.e-6 nm is tolerated here. For example, the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrometer in hi-res mode has a step of 3.33333nm, and it is considered regular.step.wl returns the mean step in nm, whether the wavelengths are regular or not.


If the organization of x is 'df.col', then x is a data.frame and the wavelength vector is stored in the first column of x. Otherwise, the wavelength vector is stored as attr(x,'wavelength').

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