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Functions in colorspace

Name Description
RGB Create RGB Colors
demoplot Color Palette Demonstration Plot
cvd_image Convert Colors of an Image
cvd_emulator Graphical User Interface to Check Images for Color Constraints
coords Extract the Numerical Coordinates of a Color
polarLUV Create polarLUV (HCL) Colors
readRGB Read RGB Color Descriptions
cvd Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) Conversion Tables
desaturate Desaturate Colors by Chroma Removal in HCL Space
rainbow_hcl HCL (and HSV) Color Palettes Corresponding to Base R Palettes
lighten Algorithmically Lighten or Darken Colors
readhex Read Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
max_chroma Compute Maximum Chroma for Given Hue and Luminance in HCL
sRGB Create sRGB Colors
hcl_palettes HCL Color Palettes
scale_colour_continuous_sequential HCL-Based Continuous Sequential Color Scales for ggplot2
divergingx_hcl (More) Flexible Diverging HCL Palettes
scale_colour_binned_qualitative HCL-Based Binned Qualitative Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_binned_divergingx HCL-Based Binned Flexible Diverging Scales for ggplot2
hex Convert Colors to Hexadecimal Strings
hex2RGB Convert Hexadecimal Color Specifications to sRGB Objects
hclplot Palette Plot in HCL Space
scale_colour_discrete_diverging HCL-Based Discrete Diverging Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_binned_diverging HCL-Based Binned Diverging Color Scales for ggplot2
whitepoint Access or Modify the Whitepoint
polarLAB Create polarLAB Colors
mixcolor Compute the Convex Combination of Two Colors
hcl_color_picker Graphical User Interface to Pick Colors in HCL Space
writehex Write Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
scale_colour_continuous_divergingx HCL-Based Continuous Flexible Diverging Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_binned_sequential HCL-Based Binned Sequential Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_continuous_diverging HCL-Based Continuous Diverging Color Scales for ggplot2
specplot Color Spectrum Plot
scale_colour_continuous_qualitative HCL-Based Continuous Qualitative Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_sequential HCL-Based Discrete Sequential Color Scales for ggplot2
simulate_cvd Simulate Color Vision Deficiency
swatchplot Palette Swatch Plot
scale_colour_discrete_qualitative HCL-Based Discrete Qualitative Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_divergingx HCL-Based Discrete Flexible Diverging Scales for ggplot2
LUV Create LUV Colors
USSouthPolygon Polygon for County Map of US South States: Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina
adjust_transparency Adjust Transparency of Colors
LAB Create LAB Colors
HLS Create HLS Colors
XYZ Create XYZ Colors
HSV Create HSV Colors
choose_palette Graphical User Interface for Choosing HCL Color Palettes
color-class Class "color"
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