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Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models

Exploring fitted models by interactively taking 2-D and 3-D sections in data space.


condvis: Conditional Visualisation for Statistical Models

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Interactively exploring fitted models

Interactively take 2-D and 3-D sections in data space, showing where fitted
models intersect the section, and observed data near the section according to
a distance measure. See package website for examples.

Works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


  • Windows: the standard graphics device is sufficient.
  • Mac OS: XQuartz device, website
  • Linux: X11, included in some distributions.



Example to get started:

m <- lm(mpg ~ wt + hp, data = mtcars)
ceplot(data = mtcars, model = m, sectionvars = "hp")

Functions in condvis

Name Description
interpolate Interpolate
condvis-package Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
plotxc Condition selector plot
cont2color Assign colours to numeric vector
savingby2d Assess advantage of 2-D view over 1-D view for identifying extrapolation
crab Brockmann's crab data
arrangeC Make a list of variable pairings for condition selecting plots produced by plotxc
ceplot Interactive conditional expectation plot
similarityweight Calculate the similarity weight for a set of observations
factor2color Assign colours to factor vector
dist1 Minkowski distance
plotxc.pcp Condition selector plot
wine Italian wine data
condtour Conditional tour; a tour through sections in data space
plotxs Visualise a section in data space
powerplant Tuefekci's powerplant data
makepath Make a default path for conditional tour
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Date 2018-09-13
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Date/Publication 2018-09-13 04:50:03 UTC

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