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Tools for estimating and predicting the cosinor model

cosinor is a set of simple functions that transforms longitudinal data to estimate the cosinor linear model as described in Tong (1976). Methods are given to summarize the mean, amplitude and acrophase, to predict the mean annual outcome value, and to test the coefficients.

Functions in cosinor

Name Description
simulate_cosinor Simulate data from a cosinor model
print.summary.cosinor.lm Print the summary of a cosinor model
get_varnames Extract variable names from terms object, handling specials
cosinor_analyzer Shiny application to demonstrate cosinor fit
cosinor.lm Fit cosinor model
print.test_cosinor Print results of test of cosinor model
print.test Print test of model
update_covnames Replace covariate names with descriptive text
test_cosinor Test for differences in a cosinor model
print.cosinor.lm Print cosinor model
ggplot.cosinor.lm Plot a cosinor model
summary.cosinor.lm Summarize a cosinor model
predict.cosinor.lm Predict from a cosinor model
vitamind Vitamin D
cosinor.lm.default Fit cosinor model
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