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Mixed Effects Cox Models

This package fits Cox proportional hazards models containing both fixed and random effects. The random effects can have a general form, of which familial interactions (a "kinship" matrix) is a particular special case. Note that the simplest case of a mixed effects Cox model, i.e. a single random per-group intercept, is also called a "frailty" model. The approach is based on Rippatti and Palgren, Biometrics 2002.

Functions in coxme

Name Description
print.lmekin Print function for lmekin
lmekin.object lmekin object
coxme.control Auxillary parameters for controlling coxme fits.
logLik.coxme The logLik method for coxme objects
print.coxme Print method for a coxme fit.
predict.coxme Predictions for a coxme object.
lmekin Fit a linear mixed effects model
lmekin.control Auxillary parameters for controlling lmekin fits.
fixef.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin
fixef.coxme Extraction functions for Coxme
ranef Import from package nlme
coxme Fit a mixed effects Cox model
coxmeFull Variance family function for coxme fits.
coxmeMlist Coxme variance function
VarCorr Import from package nlme
expand.nested Expand nested factors
eortc Simulated data set based on an EORTC trial
coxme.object Coxme regression output object
anova.coxme Analysis of Deviance for a Cox model.
fixed.effects Import from package nlme
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