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A Comprehensive Set of Functions to Clean, Analyze, and Present Crime Data

A collection of functions that make it easier to understand crime (or other) data, and assist others in understanding it. The package helps you read data from various sources, clean it, fix column names, and graph the data.



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The goal of crimeutils is to provide a set of helper functions to make common data tasks in criminology research - clean, explore, analyze, visualize - a bit easier.


You can install the released version of crimeutils from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")



Functions in crimeutils

Name Description
%>% Pipe operator
make_state_abb Returns abbreviations of state name input.
indicate_outliers Creates new columns to indicate which values are outliers based on the average value.
make_barplots Make a nice-looking barplot.
capitalize_words Capitalizes the first letter of every word
make_desc_stats_table Create a descriptive statistics table from numeric variables
make_latex_tables Creates a .tex file with LaTeX code to create a table from an R data.frame.
scale_color_crim A set of colorblind friendly colors for graphs.
pad_decimals Pad decimal places with trailing zeros.
scale_fill_crim A set of colorblind friendly fill colors for graphs.
time_series_data_graph Create a PDF with one time-series graph for each group in the data.
scatterplot_data_graph Create a PDF with one scatterplot for each group in the data.
make_stat_count_plots Make a nice-looking stat_count (similar to barplot) plot.
theme_crim A minimalist theme designed for graphics in academic research
scale_linetype_crim A set of linetypes
ucr_constant_reporter_oris Get ORIs that consistently report their data every year.
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