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by Matt Dowle

Just like a data.frame but without rownames, up to 10 times faster, up to 10 times less memory

This package does very little. The only reason for its existence is that the white book specifies that data.frame must have rownames. This package defines a new class data.table which operates just like a data.frame, but uses up to 10 times less memory, and can be up to 10 times faster to create (and copy). It also takes the opportunity to allow subset() and with() like expressions inside the []. Most of the code is copied from base functions with the code manipulating row.names removed.

Functions in data.table

Name Description ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~
last Last item of an object ~~function to do ... ~~
dimnames< ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~
[< ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~
[.data.table ~~function to do ... ~~
tables Lists all objects of class 'data.table' ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~ ~~function to do ... ~~
NROW ~~function to do ... ~~
NCOL ~~function to do ... ~~
data.table Just like a data.frame, but without row names ~~function to do ... ~~
dt data.table support functions ~~function to do ... ~~
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Type Package
Date 2006-04-12
License GPL
Packaged Thu Apr 13 18:50:34 2006; matthew
Contributors Matt Dowle

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