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by M Dowle

Extension of data.frame to allow i and j to be expressions of column names.

Like a data.frame but i and j may be expressions evaluated within the frame. i is then like base::with and j like select in base::subset. When i is itself a data.table, a join is invoked similar to base::merge.

Functions in data.table

Name Description
setkey Create key on a data table
J Creates a Join data table Query a data table
like Convenience function for calling regexpr.
tables Display all objects of class 'data.table'
between Convenience function for range subset logic. Runs a set of tests.
data.table Enhanced data.frame
last Last item of an object
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Type Package
Date 2008-08-19
License GPL
Packaged Wed Aug 27 04:02:47 2008; mdowle

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