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Extension of data.frame for fast indexing, fast ordered joins and fast grouping.

Enhanced data.frame. Fast indexing, fast ordered joins, fast assignment and fast grouping in a short and flexible syntax. i and j may be expressions of column names directly, for faster development. Example: X[Y] is a fast join for large data.

Functions in data.table

Name Description
data.table-class S4 Definition for data.table
cbind Bind an object to data.table
tables Display all objects of class 'data.table'
J Creates a Join data table
all.equal Equality Test Between Two Data Tables
setkey Create key on a data table
last Last item of an object
timetaken Pretty print of time taken Runs a set of tests.
merge Merge Two Data Tables
duplicated Determine Duplicate Rows
IDateTime Integer based date class Data table utilities
between Convenience function for range subset logic.
data.table Enhanced data.frame
like Convenience function for calling regexpr.
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